Stories of hope in pandemic


The deadliest is again on us. It is dangerous than ever before, took lives of thousands already and showing no sign of settling soon. Where there are numerous stories floating every day on nonavailability of many healthcare facilities, medicines, oxygen and doctors; there are human stories that give us hope. Take the following example.

She was selling flowers for a living on the streets of Mumbai.


Mumbai Police advised her to pack up and leave the place owing to lockdown guidelines. She resisted.

She said she would die of hunger if not allowed to sell flowers.

The cops gave her Rs. 500 and promised to provide her 500/day till the lockdown is in force. She need not sell flowers until normalcy is restored.

Even when people will argue with the source of money that the department will manage to pay the old lady, this is a story of humanity and compassion.

Communities like United Sikhs, a Sikh relief organisation has cremated unclaimed bodies 322 times, to be precise.

There is another story of hope where a couple named Rasik Mehta and Kalpana Mehta from Gujarat had a fixed deposit for the future of their son, whom they unfortunately lost to Covid last year. Now they broke the FD of Rs 15 lakh, to help lives of other Covid patients. They have also given their car to be used as an ambulance. Moreover, they provide food to people in quarantine.

In line there are conglomerates who are helping and have contributed immensely in making the lives easier for their employees in the form of providing with Covid health insurance, paid leaves, special helpline to get blood or plasma, free teleconsultations etc.

Likewise, there are plenty of stories that tell us not to lose hope even at the tested time and keep fighting the virus and help save lives in whatever way one can.

I would here conclude in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

Happy Reading!
Sharmila Das


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