Consumer Issues

Beware of Digital Arrest Scams: How to Stay Safe from Fraudulent Calls

Consider this: A person gets a call from someone who introduces himself as a cop and tells him there are suspicious transactions in his bank accounts.  Read more

Consumer Protection Act 1986 Explained

Enacted in 1986, this Consumer Protection Act protects the interests of consumers in India against deficiencies and defects in goods or services.  Read more

ABC of Misleading Advertisements

As early as 2002, misleading advertisements were identified as unfair trade practices and were officially recognized with the inclusion of this term in the 2002 amendment to the Consumer Protection Act 1986.  Read more

Banned Single-Use Plastic Products Still Flooding Indian Markets: Study Reveals Implementation Challenges

One year following India’s ban on specific single-use plastic items, a recent study conducted by Toxics Link, titled “India’s Single-Use Plastic Ban,” has discovered the prevalent use of these prohibited plastic products in five major Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Guwahati, and Gwalior, notably in local stores and markets.  Read more

Are you a SMART Consumer?

You want value for money but at times because of marketing gimmicks, end up taking a hasty decision to buy products or services that are not needed or don’t have the desired features or are simply below the standards.  Read more

Difference Between Solar Inverter and Normal Inverter

When you plan to buy an inverter for your home or commercial space, the first question that pops into your mind is what is the difference between solar inverter and normal inverter.  Read more

Righteous move to remove ‘fair’ from lovely

Beauty is beyond color, caste, and creed. And the recent fallout by the several consumer bodies for promoting the notion of ‘fairness is determinant of beauty and success’ has been vehemently ridiculed.  Read more

Unit Price should also be declared along with Maximum Retail Price (MRP) on Packaged Commodities

In international and Indian market, loose products are sold in standard unit of measure, such as per kilogram or litre or number or length, etc. So for consumer it is easy to compare price variation of different retailers.  Read more

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