Green Action Week (GAW-2020)


Green Action Week (GAW) is an annual global campaign held in the first week of October every year, to promote sustainable consumption. It is an initiative by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and is carried out in coordination with Consumers International (CI).


“Sharing Community with focus on sustainable consumption”



Lockdown during COVID-19 led to no or lesser vehicles on road resulting in curbing down the pollution levels. However, lockdown is temporary, it has taught us that protecting of the environment is a continuous process. This lockdown gave us an opportunity to understand the value of connecting with nature and contributing towards sustainable consumption through sharing community. Consumer VOICE aims promote sustainable practices and will create a culture of community efforts towards protecting the environment.



There has been too much stress on Mother Earth and COVID-19 has been an eyeopener of sorts. It has made us realise that we need to take care of our environment so that we can reap benefits from it. Some of the benefits that community sharing will provide are:

Sharing community is to encourage people to share their available resources, knowledge, skills leading to sustainable consumption to benefit the whole community and society. It also leads to the creation of new resources without ownership.

  • Collective efforts will encourage the ‘giving’ attitude amongst people.
  • People will learn and share their experiences with each other which will benefit the society as a whole.
  • New ideas will lead to innovative ways to deal with environmental problems.
  • Women participants are encouraged to come forward and contribute actively with their experiences and also to learn from others.


  • To develop sharing among community members without ownership.
  • To shed inhibitions and to encourage community members to come forward to contribute to society 
  • To encourage young minds to take a break from the virtual world and rekindle their love for nature while still under lockdown.
  • To encourage women to reuse kitchen waste and have their own small kitchen garden
  • To persuade women to stop use of chemicals in their daily lives and move towards sustainable consumption so that environment can be protected
  •  To motivate, encourage and train school students towards environment protection.
  • To promote planting and nurturing of more trees among for a cleaner and greener environment


COVID-19 has affected us in ways more than one. With no social interaction and minimal physical activity, young minds are locked in the virtual world. It is a proven fact the nature helps us to relax and stay calm. These young minds need to be channelized and the best possible way to do so is through nature. Planting trees, nurturing them to protect the environment will help the young minds to stay calm.
We will also involve women and instill a culture of sharing of experiences among them. They will be encouraged to reuse kitchen waste and minimise use of chemicals.
We will be organising webinars and follow up webinars for target audiences will be organsied where women and young minds (students) will be encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise on making the environment a cleaner and safer one.
Young minds will be motivated to use technology to spread awareness about sustainable consumption, green practices and to create bond in community instead of playing video games or spending un-necessary time on the internet.
We will encourage participants to form citizens groups and social media platforms of their respective communities to keep the knowledge flowing.
We will be capturing the experiences of those people who already indulge in environmental activities and encourage them to share with others and motivate them to take up such activities.


  • At present we all are going through difficult times whether economically or financially. It is therefore important to keep communication channels open and have youngsters involved in meaningful activities.  This edition of GAW will enhance sharing and caring through community efforts.
  • We will encourage the young minds to share their experiences with their peer group and help their friends understand the importance of sustainable practices in saving the environment.
  • Women and the neighbourhood will be encouraged to reduce use of plastics and chemicals from their day to day life.
  • We expect target audience to connect with nature and calm down their minds to face the tough phase especially the children
  • We expect interaction of cross cultural sections as webinar is digital way of connecting people .


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