Washing Machine

We evaluated top washing machine brands on parameters including energy efficiency, water consumption, price and warranty to help you choose the right product.

Clothes should be handled with love and care or else a bad washing machine can ruin your expensive clothes. A front loader or a top loader, a semi automatic or a fully automatic washing – the choice is vast and confusing.

The market in India today is filled with a variety of brands and Consumer VOICE has surveyed products to help you with your best choice.

Review and compare

Wash, rinse and dry your clothes with ease with the best washing machines.


We have compiled a Washing Machine Guide to help you decide the features that meet your requirements and you end up making the right informed choice!   

When you decide to finally shop for a washing machine and get rid of the hassle of washing clothes by hand, one question that comes to mind.

You might spend somewhere between INR 8000 to 80, 000 on a washing machine and its usage can account for as much as 20 per cent of the electricity you use. 

One of the few things that makes people anxious is the rising cost of the utility bills. If you are also among those countless Indians who want to reduce the energy.




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