Green Action Week (GAW)- 2022 videos

Use of sustainable items in Indian Wedding

Can you imagine an Indian wedding that is organized utilizing sustainable items? Watch the video featuring Ms. Nalini Kolipaka from Telangana who sets an example by organizing an eco-friendly wedding of daughter. Take a step forward to a sustainable tomorrow by switching to alternatives and reducing plastic from our lives.

Let’s fight with Plastic Pollution

An interactive workshop was organised with children to take joint actions against plastic pollution.Participants joined the activities to make planters through upcycling of plastic bottles and cans.Cloth bags were distributed to children to encourage them to switch to sustainable alternatives.

Let’s Join hands to fight Plastic Pollution

An Interactive workshop was organised at Jahangirpuri Delhi on plastic pollution with women and young girls.Demo to upcycle the plastic bottles for plantation purposes was done. Women also planted using upcycled bottles.They also shared ways to stop plastic pollution.Cloth bags were distributed to encourage them to switch to sustainable alternatives.

Youth Sensitization to take actions to fight Plastic Pollution

Consumer VOICE sensitised youths on plastic pollution during Green Action Week2022 .We encouraged them to collect plastic waste to send to recycling center.Youth approached the local residents and collected the plastic waste and also appealed to people in the locality to switch to sustainable alternatives .A special session was also organised by experts to interact with youth.

Together We Can Fight with Plastic Pollution

In an interactive children were sensitized on plastic pollution,it’s impact on Environment and animals ,marine life etc at Madanpur Khadar Delhi in collaboration with Let’s Educate Children in Need.Children were given a demo on upcycling plastic bottles for planting air purifying plants.They also planted using plastic bottles.

Best out of Plastic Waste

Watch this inspiring video to know that how Ms.Nalini Kolipaka ,an environment saviour is contributing to environment by reusing plastic material such as containers ,bottles into planters.You can also upcycle the plastic bottles /containers into same way.

Stop Plastic Pollution

Watch this video to know how Ms.Nalini Kolipaka,an environment saviour is using various plastic bottles ,containers ,cans etc for the purpose of upcycling and using them for planting to contribute to environment.

Make planters using single use plastic containers

Watch this video to make useful hanging planters at home using single use plastic containers.

Environmental activist on choosing sustainable alternatives instead of plastic

Jayant, a volunteer and who supports the fight against plastic pollution shares some eco-friendly solutions to everyday plastic use like bamboo and jute products, steel bottles and so on.

An appeal by consumer to avoid plastic wrapping

To bring change consumers should opt for alternatives and avoid single use plastic. Let’s contribute to environment by reducing plastic in our lives.Go for cloth ,jute or paper bags ,avoid plastic wrapping,plastic bottles,wrapping etc.

Message by Verhaen Khanna,Environment Activist and Founder, New Delhi Nature Society

Let’s join hands to fight against Plastic Pollution. Let’s find sustainable alternative solutions.
Avoid plastic bags while doing any shopping .Please do not buy vegetables ,fruits or any other items that are packaged in plastic bags or boxes, or wrapped with plastic.

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