A microwave can save your energy, time and money and you can churn out dishes quickly which previously looked an arduous task. But, do you know which is the best brand to buy? Know it here.

In a cold winter morning, the best thing you would want is piping hot food. But alas that’s not possible always and here comes a microwave oven to your rescue. It is now not only your mom’s best friend but a best friend of almost every member of the family.

The market is flooded with different types of microwave oven and to cut your task, Consumer VOICE does a time to time survey and review of microwave ovens.

Review and compare

  Best convection microwave oven

We do a meticulous product survey of the top models of microwave ovens to help you choose the best.


Microwave ovens are a technological wonder that has helped people to survive on frozen or packaged meals. But are these home appliances worth the cost.

Microwave ovens are all about convenience. Whether you want to warm leftovers, make soup, tea or coffee, make instant snacks like popcorn, or cook some kebabs or paneer tikka,




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