Curd or dahi has been in human consumption since ancient times in India. Health benefits of curd cannot be undermined – but remember to have only the healthiest and the safest ones.


With parathas or simply curd rice in a hot Indian summer can melt your heart and soothe your soul. Consumer VOICE has been testing various food items including curd in government approved labs to help you choose the healthiest brand of curd for your family. Simply sit back and relax while we do the testing for you!



The curd is one of the Indian superfoods that’s gaining a lot of global attention these days. 

Summers are possibly the worst time of the year for your digestion and gut health. 

We all grew up hearing from our parents and grandparents about how excellent curd is for health. Well, it seems that our elders were right.

Most of us assumed that curd and yogurt were two different names of the same thing. This is not the case. Curd has specific properties that make it unique and so does yogurt. 


Edible Oil

Edible Oil

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Ghee A spoonful of ghee is all that you need for good food, good health and strong immunity.Ghee has been in almost all Indian kitchens since time immemorial. Whether it is home made or brought from the market, a spoonful of ghee is a must in dal, parathas and even...

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