Road Safety – Campaign Updates (March 2022)

Road Safety – Campaign Updates (March 2022)

Road Safety – Campaign Updates (March 2022)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day– 8th March 2022 women from diverse backgrounds came forward to support road safety initiative.

In Madhya Pradesh state women came forward and demanded for speedy notification of Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 to strengthen road safety and reduce road fatalities & injuries.

In West Bengal State several women drivers appealed to the citizens to follow the traffic rules and to fulfill their responsibilities as responsible drivers.

In Uttar Pradesh women drivers focused on risk factors and appealed to citizens to wear helmets, seat belts, slow down etc to strengthen road safety.

Consumer VOICE  used its digital channels and emphasized to strengthen road safety and highlighted appeal by women drivers to drive responsibly and follow traffic rules etc.

On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day -15th March 2022 our partner in Uttar Pradesh organized a sensitization programme and circulated press release congratulating new government and an appealed to strengthen the road safety. 

In Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal also consumer activists and organizations came forward and through social media postings urged to make roads safer. 

On the occasion of Holi 18th March 2022, we sensitized people using our digital channels to drive responsibly and focused on risk factors such as drink driving, speed etc.

World Day of Remembrance – Madhya Pradesh

World Day of Remembrance – Madhya Pradesh

World Day of Remembrance – Madhya Pradesh

National Centre for Human Settlements & Environment (NCHSE), Bhopal, a non-government organization, in partnership with New Delhi based Consumer Voice and Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism (MCU), Bhopal organized a workshop on Reducing Traffic Accidents vis a vis Injury and Fatalities through Reducing Traffic Speed” at MCU, Bhopal on 24th November, 2021 to mark “World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims”.

Prof K G Suresh, Vice Chancellor, MCU, Chief Guests of the event called upon the youth to understand their responsibility regarding road safety. He asserted that one should wear helmet and seat belts and follow other road safety standards. Students of Jounalism and Communication can play an important role in creating awareness about road safety. Media should make efforts to change the mindset and behavior of the society regarding road safety. He further stated that road accidents rather than crash usually occur due to our fault. Road accidents can be reduced if we follow the rules. He further stated that one should not be careless and overconfident about driving a vehicle. Seat belts and helmets protect you from serious injuries. If we care about ourselves and our family members, then we should not be so careless. He emphasized that most of the victims of road accidents are youth.

Dr Pradip Nandi, Director General, NCHSE said that World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is dedicated to remembering the many millions of road traffic victims throughout the world. This year the day has a special significance as it marks the start of the new Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030. He also presented the Road Safety scenario worldwide as well as in India and the provisions of Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019 to prevent traffic accidents. He pointed out that as per the Road Accident Report for 2019, published by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in 2020, road accidents continue as a leading cause of death and disabilities in the country despite commitment and efforts by the GOI and the states. Referring to the report he said that in 2019, 449,002 road accidents caused 151,113 death and injuries to 451,361 persons in the country. This includes 11,249 deaths in 50,669 road accidents in Madhya Pradesh.  He said that maximum fatalities or grievous injuries are suffered by the working age group, which not only affect the person suffered the injury but affects the entire family financially. He further added that it is alarming and there is need for create awareness among youth and working group of people to abide by the safety measures including reducing speed/ provisions of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019.

Shri Manoj Khatri, DSP, Traffic, Bhopal spoke about the action being taken by the state government especially in Bhopal with emphasis on identification of black spots to prevent road accidents to save lives. He discussed the significance of traffic signs in details and stressed upon to consider 4Es – Education, Engineering (Road Construction), Enforcement & Emergency care.  

Dr. S.K.Saxena, Senior Surgical Specialist & Civil Surgeon and Former  Medical Adviser to Human Rights Commission said that the role of a good Samaritan, especially his/her promptness is very crucial to save lives and thus to reduce fatalities among road accident victims. He highlighted the importance of generation of data and their analysis to develop strategy to save lives of critically injured road accident victims. 

Dr. Rahul Tiwari, Assistant Professor of MANIT called upon the participants to make use of technical expertise on mass communication available with them and suggested documentation of field works, writing papers and publishing them to create awareness to prevent traffic accidents and save lives of traffic accident victims.

Ms Deepika Rao and Mr. Suresh Nair, both relatives of Road Traffic Victims, expressed their feeling and traumatic experience when their dear ones suffered injuries due to road accidents and how they had to overcome stress and anxiety. 

More than 100 persons, comprising of students of 18-20 age group, faculties, police personnel and few road accident victims and senior citizens participated the workshop. The guests were presented with mementos. 

Shri Avinash Shrivastava, Dy Director, NCHSE conducted the programme and Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Professor of Communication, MCU gave vote of Thanks.

Oath Taking:

Shri Manoj Khari, DSP Traffic, Bhopal administered the oath to the participants to obey traffic rules and act as a Good Samaritan and help road accident victims.

Forming a Chain to advocate Traffic Safety: 

Besides the participants of the workshop, university staff participated in forming a chain holding play card having messages of traffic safety within the University Campus to create awareness on traffic safety.

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World Day of Remembrance – West Bengal

World Day of Remembrance – West Bengal

World Day of Remembrance – West Bengal

To mark the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Honcho Tech For Good Foundation with support from Consumer VOICE organized various public events in Kolkata and North 24 Parganas, West Bengal on 23rd November. It received a huge amount of support from Kolkata Traffic police officials, doctors, representative from Transport department, college students who actively participated and supported the road safety initiative. More than 50 students supported the cause along with Kolkata police officials and reached out to more than 1000 commuters and drivers.

Various sensitization related activities were organized such as session on golden hour action, importance on wearing helmets and so on. Sticker and pamphlets were also distributed for the same. 45 helmets were distributed among Road Traffic Violators and Safe Drive Save Life stickers were given to 200 cars.

This sensitization took place across sensitive and accident prone areas of Kolkata which included Patuli. Bagha Jatin, Garia, Malancha and Minakhan.  It was also attended by Shri. Gautam Sarkar (IPS) Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kolkata Traffic Police, Shri. Prabir Bhattacharya Officer in Charge, Garia Traffic Guard, Kolkata Traffic Police, Shri. Kaushik Majumder Sergeant & Save Drive Save Life Programme Coordinator, Shri. Joydev Pal Officer in Charge, Minakhan Traffic Police, West Bengal Traffic Police, Dr. Souvanik Bhattacharya Doctor Representative, For Session on Golden Hour Action, Shri Biswajit Mondal representative from Transport Department and all traffic police officials from Minakhan Traffic Guard.

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Road Safety Network submitted recommendations to mitigate road crashes and deaths during lockdown

Road Safety Network submitted recommendations to mitigate road crashes and deaths during lockdown

So far, during the lockdown a total of 1,137 crashes are recoded nationwide and 274 road crash deaths are reported. Consumer VOICE along with its partners have been maintaining a ‘Road Crash Tracker’ to document road crash deaths and traffic violations during the lockdown since March 25 until now. Road crashes killed 1,51,417 people in 2018.If on one hand the graph of COVID-19 cases is rising in India, on the other hand the number of road accidents especially of migrant labourers who are trying to return home during the ongoing lockdown is also steadily increasing.  As per reports, India recorded about 600 road crashes in the first two phases of the lockdown. The scenes of migrant labourers trying to reach home by adopting desperate measures is too hard to even watch on TV channels or read in newspapers. The “pathetic condition of migrant labourers…is nothing but a human tragedy”, as has been rightly put by the Madras High Court where lakhs of migrant labourers have resorted to desperate measures and are forced to return home after having rendered jobless and homeless.

While the central and respective state governments are trying their best to help migrants return home safely, there are several risk factors which need immediate attention. Risk factors like speeding, driving while fatigued, not wearing helmets continue to be responsible for the fatalities across the states. Speeding on empty roads has been one of the most common reasons for road crash deaths across States. Pedestrians in both urban areas, as well as State and National Highways, remain at tremendous risk from speeding vehicles. There is an urgent need to effectively enforce speed limits. Media reports indicate that driver fatigue combined with speeding has been responsible for the recent crashes.

In order to combat this, Road Safety Network, a National Coalition of organizations promoting safe roads in India has submitted a list of 15 recommendations to the Home Ministry to ensure the safety of migrants traveling on road. The recommendations are aimed at mitigating specific risk factors like speeding, driving while fatigued, overcrowding etc. Some of the recommendations are specifically towards the safety of migrant workers returning home” said, Ashim Sanyal, COO, Consumer VOICE organisation part of Road Safety Network.

These deaths were probably not even part of the framework as it was not anticipated. But it is now time to act!

(Facts sourced from various national dailies)

Stakeholder consultation on Road Safety for New Motor Vehicles Act in Uttar Pradesh

Stakeholder consultation on Road Safety for New Motor Vehicles Act in Uttar Pradesh

Stakeholder consultation on Road Safety for New Motor Vehicles Act in Uttar Pradesh

Consumer VOICE in association with Consumer Guild held stakeholder consultations on Road Safety in various cities in UP including Kanpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Bareilly and Gorakhpur. The main focus of the consultations included the implementation of the provisions of the Moto Vehicle Amendment Act 2019.


Consumer VOICE in association with Consumer Guild, Lucknow organised a stakeholders’ Consultation and workshop on Strengthening Road Safety in Uttar Pradesh on 7th November 2019 at Kaushalpuri in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The main focus of the workshop was on New Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 and its provisions for ensuring road safety in the state. Shri Sunil Dutt Yadav, ARTO Enforcement was the keynote speaker. Other stakeholders attending the workshop were Shri Arun Kumar Pathak MLC; Shri BhudharNarain Misra, EX- MLA; Traffic Inspector Arvind Kumar Sisodiya; Shri Vinod Yadav; Traffic Inspector Padam Mohan Misra, Secretary, USKS.


Consumer VOICE in association with Consumer Guild, Lucknow organised a stakeholders Consultation cum workshop on Strengthening Road Safety in Uttar Pradesh on 2nd December 2019 at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The main objective of this workshop was to strengthen road safety and implementation of New Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019. Shri BalaLakhendra, Professor at Department of Mass and Communication, B.H.U. inaugurated the workshop as the chief guest.  Important stakeholders attending the workshop were Shri Kanhaiya Gupta, PTO, Transport Department, Varanasi; Shri Rajesh Yadav , Traffic Inspector; Shri Rajesh Kumar Misra , Inspector , Police department; Shri Dhirendra Rai, Assistant Professor, B.H.U.; Shri Abhishek Srivastava, Consumer Guild.

Regional media supported the cause and provided good coverage to it.


Consumer VOICE in association with Consumer Guild, Lucknow organised a stakeholders Consultation cum workshop on Strengthening Road Safety in Uttar Pradesh on 9th December 2019 at Kulbhaskar Ashram PG College, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

The main speakers who attened the workshop were Shri Harendra Singh Yadav – Traffic Inspector, Dr. Archana Sinha -Principal PG College, Prof. S P Sharma, Ms. Rinki Sharma-Head Projects – Consumer VOICE, Shri Abhishek Srivastava – President Consumers Guild. Students, faculty members, road safety experts, traffic police officials attended the event and discussion took place about Motor Vehicles Act 2019 changed provisions.

Regional media supported the cause and provided good coverage to it.


Consumers Guild –Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and Consumer VOICE in an effort of working towards strengthening road safety in UP organized a workshop in Bareilly at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. LPG Bottling Plant. The main objective of the workshop was to the implementation of the provisions of the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019. The main speakers at workshop were Shri Subhash Chandra Gangwar-SP Traffic, Dr.Anil Gupta- Regional Transport Officer, Shri RP Singh-Additional RTO, Er.Sudhir Gupta- Chairman Institution of Engineers (IEI) Shri Sanjay Thakur-Territory Manager BPCL along with Shri Hemant Upadhyay Advisor Consumer VOICE and Shri Abhishek Srivastava-Chairman-Consumer’s Guild. The programme was attended by commercial drivers of hazardous goods, BPCL Officials, representatives from civil societies, police, transport and traffic departments and media.


To strengthen the road safety in the state, Consumers Guild with support from Consumer  VOICE organised a stakeholders workshop at Gorakhpur-Uttar Pradesh on 13 November, 2019. The main speakers were Shri DD Mishra, Regional Transport Officer-Gorakhpur, Shri Jaspal Singh-Social Worker, Dr.K.Sharma-Social Worker, Shri Shamshad  Alam- Vice-chairman Consumer’s Guild, Shri Sudhir Jha- President Local Vyapar Sabha, Praveen K.Srivastava- Prayas Ek Parivartan Shri Abhishek Srivastava Chairman Consumer Guild along with representatives from civil societies and media were present at the event. The speakers focused on strengthening road safety measures as per the provisions of the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019.