World Day of Remembrance 2023 in Lucknow, UP

To commemorate the World Day of Remembrance (WDR) for road accident victims in 2023, Consumer Guild, in collaboration with Consumer VOICE New Delhi and with active support from Traffic Police Lucknow, organized a tribute meeting (Shradhanjali Sabha) and a cycle rally. The event began at 1090 Chauraha Gomti Nagar, passing through Subash Chowk, concluding at Rumi Gate near Imambada in old Lucknow. Over 100 cyclists participated, conveying the message of reinforcing road safety in Uttar Pradesh.

Abhishek Srivastava, Chairman of Consumer Guild, highlighted the global significance of World Remembrance Day, emphasizing its role in reducing road accidents and acknowledging the emotional and economic toll of such incidents. This year’s theme, ‘Justice,’ adds a crucial dimension to the discussion.

In Lucknow, the event drew diverse participants, including traffic police, advocates, professors, retired officials, senior citizens, transport department officials, students, road safety experts, and traffic victims. They collectively emphasized the importance of road safety and wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers.

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Abhishek Srivastava shared alarming statistics from a recent Transport Department report, revealing a 6.44 percent increase in road accident deaths in Uttar Pradesh, totaling 22,595 in 2022. He underscored the pressing need for improved safety measures, particularly helmet usage. The national scenario saw 1,68,491 deaths due to road accidents in 2022, with speeding and non-helmet usage contributing significantly.

During the memorial meeting, participants paid tribute to road accident victims, observing a two-minute silence. Traffic Inspector Sh. Radheshyam Singh spoke about traffic rules, while Traffic Inspector Harikesh Arya, Traffic Sub Inspector Virendra, and Sh. Ahitsham, Road Safety Coordinator Maruti Suzuki, explained the enforcement rules they oversee. Dr. Jayanti Srivastava, Assistant Professor at Amity University, also addressed the gathering.

Despite confirmation, RTO Lucknow couldn’t participate at the last moment due to health reasons. Regional media supported the cause and provided very good coverage.

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