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With global warming on the rise and increasing concerns about our carbon footprint, it is time that we start adopting sustainable means of living. Although we have made leaps in waste management, we are yet to address the inefficient energy consumption due to our daily lifestyle. With Smart Home Technology, we can not only monitor this excessive use of energy but also reduce it significantly.

By Divyateja Kondeti, Co-founder and CEO, SmartDEN

Energy & Cost saving

Smart Home Technology can significantly reduce your expenses and help increase your saving as devices consume less electricity and monitor energy consumption. Homeowners can save anywhere between 20% to 30% on their electricity bills by embracing this technology. Here are some of the devices that can help you do the same:

Smart Thermostats 

Your home cooling & heating systems account for almost half of your electricity bill. Installing a smart thermostat can save about 10% every year by tweaking the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) system while not at home. Homeowners can schedule it to their daily routine, control it remotely, and get information via sensors and the weather forecast. Advanced smart thermostats have additional occupancy and temperature sensors that are installed throughout the home to know when you are away. Homeowners can also pair their thermostat with connected shades and fans to save even more money. 

Even though it is not a viable option for residential apartment owners, smart thermostats are the most popular energy-saving device amongst villa and independent homeowners.

 – Smart Lights & Switches

Lights being left switched on for no reason at all is a common occurrence. This negligence is a major drain on your electricity bill, as lighting takes up almost 20% of your monthly utility costs. Installing smart lights and switches can ensure that the lights are not being left on unnecessarily.

– Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring allows you to monitor the energy consumption of all your smart devices and give you a detailed report of your consumption habits. The first step to adopting a better lifestyle is to understand what you are currently doing wrong. A smart home monitor is a device that will provide the reality check you need as homeowners will not only receive the complete data on their phone but the device will also give them suggestions to reduce their energy consumption.

– Smart Plugs

Most of our modern devices such as TVs, Gaming Consoles & Computers enter standby mode and continue to draw power even when not in use, instead of powering down completely. Although this allows them to communicate with other devices, get updates and perform faster, it is a complete waste of energy, when no one is around to use them. This is called “Vampire Draw” and it accounts for almost 20% of energy consumption in every Indian household. Using Smart Plugs, homeowners can completely cut the power, ensuring energy is not unnecessarily wasted.

Smart Home Technology is becoming more widely accepted as homeowners can understand that a smart home can be easily installed, is easy to use and can also be secure. Justified with complete remote control and its numerous cost-saving features, the initial investment of Smart Home Technology is no longer a barrier for homeowners, as all modern homes seem to be making the inevitable shift to Smart Homes.

Efficient & Environment Friendly

Think about it, how many times have you returned from work only to see your fans running & bathroom lights on. Leaving on the geyser and the oven are very common panic attack when at work. Most of us brush it off as carelessness, as we might just have to pay a higher electricity bill. What we do not realize, is that it is a hefty price for the environment.

According to research conducted by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) in 2015 states that around 37% of carbon dioxide emissions are from electricity production just in the US and similar in India according to CEA (Central Electricity Authority).

This is a major concern, as the rate of Global Warming is at an all-time high and all of us must be socially responsible to reduce our carbon footprints. One way is to switch off appliances by using smart switches which will intelligently understand your usage patterns. By switching to smart ways, you are not only being a responsible citizen, but you will also own a home that contributes to your efficient lifestyle and a drop in your electricity bills.

Upgraded Lifestyle & Evolving with Technology

Going wireless might not be a necessity but it makes life much easy & efficient. Most of us no longer use landlines as smartphones are much more portable and can store all our contacts within the device – this means no more books to write down contacts. Also, think about the last time you paid an exorbitant amount for an STD or an ISD call. Smartphone apps allow you to communicate with your friends and relatives using your Wi-Fi for free and you can even see them on video. Remember the frustration of waiting in long lines to withdraw money. Cashless payment apps are more convenient and require minimal physical contact, which is the need of the hour. 

Evolving with and adopting technology has made our lives so much better than we could have once imagined. This is the same reason we should all adopt smart home technology. 

Smart Homes are the future of modern living and will soon be a part of every household. Do not be late to the party – Transform your home into a smart home and enjoy its limitless features. 

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