Washing machines, whether top-loading or front-loading, are all about utility and convenience. But that’s not all. Then one would pick up any washing machine from the store and spare oneself the stress of comparing and choosing from the confounding lot of brands and models out there.
Apart from the price (which may range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 80,000), there are factors such as rated capacity, energy efficiency, wash settings and technical features (hot-water wash, child lock, etc.) that are equally important. Before anything, though, there’s the matter of deciding between a top-loading and a front-loading machine, and whether it will be semi or fully automatic.

Consumer VOICE has surveyed 25 regular-selling brands of top-loading washing machines of 6.2 kg–7.0 kg capacity. As per our market study, there are around 500 models of washing machines of various brands in the market, making the choosing and buying process somewhat complicated. So, here is a compilation of all the things you should know before making this essential purchase.

Top loading or Front Loading – Which is the better?

The debate is mostly whether it will be a top loading washing machine or a front loading one. 

A top loading washing machine will use significantly more water and energy for washing the same load as compared to a front loader. Many top loading machines make more noise than front loaders during washing. This is because top loaders create a lot of friction between the clothes due to twisting and turning while washing. The front loaders consume around 50% less power and close to 40% less water as compared to the best top load washers.

The best front load washing machine in India is gentler on your clothes. With less damage per wash, most front load washers promise greater longevity for your clothes. 

While front load washers are more natural in their operation, the top load machines have demanding hardware needs. With more parts, top load washers are more susceptible to breakage. 

 However, there are other factors that are also important before taking the decision to buy a washing machine and the most important one is that of price. Top loaders are cheaper compared to front loading washing machines Consumer VOICE survey of the top loading washing machines will help you take the best decision. 

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