When you decide to finally shop for a washing machine and get rid of the hassle of washing clothes by hand, one question that comes to mind is which one should you opt for front loading washing machine or top loading washing machine. Here, we try to find the answer by mentioning the pros and cons of both the options.

Pros of Front-Loading Washing Machines

Gentle on Clothes

Front-loading washing machines work by gently turning your washing over and over in a tumbling action, picking it up and repeatedly dropping it into the wash water. While it sounds harsh, they’re actually quite gentle on clothes. It also makes them better at handling unbalanced loads.

Fast and Efficient

Front-loading washing machines use less water. Hence, you get to save money on the water bills. These machines also clean clothes and dry them more efficiently as the clothes are spun faster in the drum.

Fast Wash

Many front loaders have ‘fast wash’ cycles so you can get done with the laundry faster. However, this one among benefits of front loading is not available in every model.

Cons of Front Loading Washing Machines

Long Wash Cycles

In front-loading washing machines, the wash cycle often takes longer than a top loader.


The cost of front-loading washing machines is higher that top loading options.

Loud & Bulky

The noise and vibrations from front loaders are sometimes higher than top loaders. They also require a lot of space.

Pros of Top-Loading Washing Machines

Less Costly

The cost of a top loading washing machine is quite less than a front loader.

Space Savvy

They take less space than the front loaders as the drum door is placed on the top of the machine.

Less Complicated

Understanding the use of top loading washing machines is easy. They are also easy to use as they usually have less features as compared to front loaders.


The drum in top loading washing machine doesn’t work as fast as a front loading washing machine. It means they are quitter and have less vibrations.

Cons of Top Loading Washing Machines

Water Usage

One key top loading washing machine disadvantage is that it uses more water as compared to a front loading washing machine. So, your water bills may increase.

Fewer Features

Most top loading washing machines have fewer features. If you want a latest machine with all the advanced features, this won’t be a smart buy.

The Verdict

Choosing one from a front loading washing machine or a top loading washing machine is not an easy decision for anyone. You should consider your needs before you buy any of these. If you want more savings on water bills or you have a water shortage issue, you should pick a front loader. Similarly, if you want the washing machine to be space savvy, pick a top loader. There is no perfect answer that will suit all. It’s all about individual needs and choices. Be a smart consumer and do what’s right for you, not what everyone else is doing.



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