One of the few things that makes people anxious is the rising cost of the utility bills. If you are also among those countless Indians who want to reduce the energy spending of their homes then you should read on to know how to boost energy efficiency in washing machine. The tips we have mentioned here are tried and tested for enhancing energy efficiency in washing machine and can save you thousands of rupees in a year.

Water Temperature

If you want to save washing machine energy, you should set the water temperature to cold as much as possible. Opt for warm water only if the clothes are too dirty or you suspect that they might have bacteria (like they belong to an ill person). Make sure that the clothes are rinsed in cold water even if you wash them in hot water.

The Right Load

Another trick to enhancing energy efficiency in washing machine is to plan your washing time right. You should wash clothes only when there is a full load and not when you feel like doing the laundry. It is a fact that every wash cycle used 60-90 liters of water so when you plan the washing, you will not only save energy but save water as well.

Detergent Matters

Do not make the common mistake of adding too much detergent to the clothes in order to make them smell great or look whiter. The more extra detergent you add, the more the machine would need to opt for extra rinses and the more would be the amount of water and energy consumed. Stick to the detergent guidelines as much as possible.

Less Work for the Machine

When hoping to achieve energy efficiency in washing machine, you should soak the clothes to get rid of tough stains or most of the dirt or you should dry them in the sunlight rather than opting to use the spin dryer. Both these options will ensure that the machine is used for lesser time and hence, less energy will be consumed.

Use the Right Detergents

Make use of high efficiency detergents whenever possible. They are better than regular detergents because they don’t produce too many suds and hence negate the need to repeatedly rinse laundry.

Clean the Machine Regularly

Every washing machine has some maintenance requirements like cleaning the lint screen before every load or cleaning the dryer duct on a regular basis. Make sure that you follow these instructions to ensure that the machine runs optimally and lasts long. The more you maintain the washing machine, the better it will work and the lesser would be the amount of energy consumed.

Avoid Over Drying

When hoping for enhancing energy efficiency in washing machine, you should use automatic cycle in the dryer rather than timed drying as the latter can lead to overheating while the former uses moisture sensors to determine if and when the laundry is dry.

In essence, it can be seen that saving washing machine energy, boosting energy efficiency in washing machine or enhancing energy efficiency in washing machine doesn’t involve too much effort on your part. Only small changes in habits are needed to make sure that you save on the energy bills. Adopt these tips from today and see the difference in a few months.



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