How to Find Health Insurance for International Student Travel

How to Find Health Insurance for International Student Travel

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Students and parents of students who are going abroad often wonder how to find health insurance for international student travel. If you are also worried about this, then you should read on. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to pick the best possible insurance option that works for a student when he or she really needs help.

Talk to the School

When seeking the answer to how to find health insurance for international student travel, your first step should be the school of the student. If a student is sent for international education by a domestic school, the school might offer health insurance advice too. Similarly, if a student is enrolling in a school or college situated abroad, make sure that the student gets advice on health insurance from the prospective school or college.

Choose the Right Company

Though there are tons of companies that provide health insurance for international student travel, you should pick a company that has a good reputation and has been there since long. It will ensure that the company representatives will be there to assist a student if he/she needs their help. Also, make sure that the company has a local office near the student’s college, school, university or international address to get quick query resolution. Also, make sure that you choose a company that has a 24-hour support center.

Compare the Plans

Compare plans offered by two or more insurance providers to make sure that you make a right decision. It is essential that the insurance offers coverage for new illness or injuries, emergency doctor visits, lab orders and emergency surgeries. Don’t expect coverage for preventive care or routine checkups. Also, compare the value of each service offered in the coverage by looking at the costs. Learn about co-payments and deductibles too.

Examine the Plans

Examine each plan carefully and ask questions before you purchase. Ensure that it will provide coverage for the needs you identified in Step 2. You need to understand the exact amount of coverage it provides, what deductibles and co-payments are involved and any exemption limits and refund policies. Also, the U.S. State Department recommends looking for medical policies that guarantee their payments abroad, pay directly to foreign hospitals and foreign doctors and have a 24-hour support center.

Choose According to Trips

When seeking the answer to how to find health insurance for international student travel, make sure that you count the number of international trips a student will have in a month or a year. A few trip options are a single trip plan, multi-trip plan, group plan or a long-term plan. Choose whichever suits the student the best.

Inquire About Global Student Insurance Options

Many students can benefit from global student health insurance plans that provide comprehensive medical coverage for students. If you are eligible for the same, make sure you learn more about it before making a decision.

Stay Eligible

Once you have chosen the right plan after following the advice on how to find health insurance for international student travel mentioned here, make sure that you know about all eligibility qualifications and meet them to keep the insurance useful. For instance, some insurance providers might ask a student to attend classes for a specified number of hours each week to stay eligible. Be smart, and you’ll get financial support from your insurer even in a different country!



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