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Nothing can substitute a hot bowl of tasty tomato soup on a chilly winter evening. However, due to paucity of time, we often resort to soup powder. Adding the soup powder to a bowl of hot water and sprinkle with pepper is all that you need. But do we know, which brand is good to consume?

India is positioned 16th in the global soup market, with average per capita consumption at about 0.09 Kg volume of about 9.9 kilo tonnes in 2019 and expected to reach 11 kilo tonnes in 2020. Tomato based soup is the most popular flavour in India. With these given facts, there is always an ambiguity about choosing the best food brand-be it a tomato soup. 

Consumer VOICE has decoded top brands to interpret the nutritional information given in their labels.

The most important finding of the study shows that some of thee brands have a high proportion of salt content. Declaration of sodium/ salt is not mandatory in nutrition information of labels so only some have declared this information. In brands that have declared sodium/salt, is more which means one shall consume them sparingly. A couple of them have a high concentration of sugar which also implies that it should be consumed sparingly. 

WHO guidance on dietary salt

Adults should consume less than two grams of sodium, or five grams of salt per day. A person with elevated sodium levels could be at risk of raised blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Presence of dietary fibre in your food offers several benefits.  Dietary fibre refers to plant cell wall components that are not digestible by human digestive enzymes. Dietary fiber requirement can be met by adopting a diet that incorporates plant origin foods including fruits, vegetables and grains. Dietary fibre is known to normalizes bowel movements, helps in maintaining bowel health and lowers cholesterol levels.   Though declaration of dietary fibre on the label is not mandatory some brands declared it on their labels

To know about the brands compared and the key findings, get the latest copy of Consumer VOICE magazine.


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