Mustard Oil is one of the common Indian kitchen ingredients that cannot be replaced. Its unique and pungent flavor, and its ability to make foods taste divine. If you love it too and want to make sure that you use it only when it can enhance your health rather than damaging it, you should read on and know how to increase the shelf life of mustard oil.

The Basics

Everyone who uses this oil regularly should know that it is extracted from mustard seeds and they are 46 to 48 percent oil by weight. The oil is made by pressing mustard seeds, usually by using giant machines.

What to Know When Buying Mustard Oil?

If you want mustard oil to last longer, make sure you remember the following while purchasing it:

  • Read the Dates

Read the date of manufacturing and the best before date. Always buy the mustard oil that has been manufactured recently and lasts long. Most of them last a year or two.

  • Trust Good Brands

There are many locally packaged mustard oils available in India. Make sure that you trust only known brands as they would be more likely to focus on quality than the cheap imitations.

  • Know About Acidity

It is wise to look at the nutrients label and opt for brands that have the lowest possible amounts of acid.

  • Avoid Completely Transparent Packaging

Most of the mustard oils are available in transparent bottles; you must pick the dark colored ones as they are not easily broken down by light or the sun.

How to Store Mustard Oils to Increase its Shelf Life?

You must know that exposure to heat, light, and oxygen can make the mustard oil rancid. So, you should always make sure that you close its cap tightly and store it in a dark and cool place. Light is always a risk so, make sure that you pick dark colored bottles.

Some people like to refrigerate mustard oil. If you do the same, you might notice that it becomes semi-solid in cold weather. To fix the situation, just let it sit out in room temperature for 15-20 minute, and it will return to its liquid form. If putting it in a refrigerator, make sure that you keep it there for six months to one year.

How to Know If Mustard Oil Has Gone Bad?

If you think that the oil has become stickier or has an off flavor, it would be wise to discard it.

It is very clear that storing mustard oil in the right manner is the key to increasing its shelf life. So, you should assign a place to it in your kitchen and always tighten the cap!



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