Health fads have become an inseparable part of people’s lives today. People are always looking for something that will help improve their health quickly and allow them to avoid health issues. If you are among such people and you are confused about which oil to use for cooking, then you must read on. Here we have compared three effective oils and mentioned their pros and cons.

Scroll down to know which is better when it comes to mustard oil vs. rice bran oil vs. olive oil.

Olive Oil

This oil is becoming a trend in India because everyone who has had a health scare like high cholesterol or heart issues is advised this oil. It’s expensive, but you need little of it so it can be worth it.


  • It does help in reducing bad cholesterol and control your cholesterol levels.
  • You can also trust it to help prevent stomach ulcers and gallstones.
  • It is also easy to digest and gentle on your stomach.


  • It can produce harmful trans-fatty acids when heating.
  • It can lower your sugar levels, so non-diabetic people should be cautious of it.

Mustard Oil

Best known for improving blood circulation and massages, this oil also tastes good when cooked right. It’s an essential part of most Indian kitchens.


  • Having this oil regularly will help your intestine to produce digestive juices.
  • It has antifungal, anti-inflammation, and anti-bacterial properties.


  • If taken in excess, it can cause anemia, respiratory issues, and diarrhea among other problems.
  • In case you have it orally in raw form, it will lead to irritation or inflammation of intestines, gastrointestinal tract, and the lungs.

Rice Bran Oil

Renowned forits high smoking point, this oil has a mild flavor. It is extracted from the outer brown layer of rice. It is not commonly known in India.


  • It helps people who have problems with cholesterol levels.
  • Women experiencing menopausal symptoms can get some relief.
  • It can help prevent kidney stones.


  • It makes you vulnerable to hypocalcemia because it reduces the amount of blood calcium in your body.
  • An excess of it can lead to irregularity of bowel movements.

We honestly think that you should read the pros and cons of each of the oils mentioned here to ensure that it promotes your health rather than harming it. If you don’t have any serious health issues, we suggest that you invest in all these oils and try them one by one for a few months to decide which one contributes to your overall health in the best manner. Or you can use the ancient combination techniques used by our forefathers and cook with all three of them alternatively!



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