Green Action Week – Sensitization Workshops and Webinars

India generates approximately 9.46 million tonnes (MT) of plastic waste per year. This figure is based on the Central Pollution Control Board’s projection that an estimated 25,940 tonnes per day of plastic waste generated in the country. Of this, 15,384 tonnes of plastic waste, or nearly 60 per cent, is collected and recycled while the remaining 10,556 tonnes of the plastic waste remains uncollected and littered in the environment, as per parliamentary reply. 

On the occasion of Green Action Week 2021, Consumer VOICE organized workshops, webinars and clean-up drives to educate stakeholders including students, consumers and general public on plastic pollution and the harmful effects of plastic.

Stakeholders’ meet – 22nd September 2021

An information and advocacy stakeholders’ meet was organised at Consumer VOICE, New Delhi Office to disseminate information on the harmful effects of plastic. The participants were the team leaders selected for creating a chain reaction among their group members which would lead up to a number of over 600 consumers being educated on the subject of shunning plastic items. This majorly consists of college students and Resident Welfare Associations in New Delhi. 

In the meeting different types of plastic products including single use plastics were shown and their harmful effects on the environment were discussed especially those related to single use plastics. Participants were encouraged to reduce using plastic material from their day-to-day life and communicate the same to the society.

Shri Ashim Sanyal, COO, Consumer VOICE briefed about various types of plastic materials and how as responsible consumers we should reduce their use in our daily lives. Various examples were given by him especially how easily we can give up single use plastics from our routine life and how we can recognize the various grades of plastic materials available in the market.

Rinki Sharma, Campaign Lead, discussed single use plastic and how plastic pollution is impacting our environment. She also spoke about how by taking small steps we can reduce the burden of plastic including substitution of carry bags and containers. The participants were also informed in detail about various aspects related to disposal of plastic material. The team leaders were asked to set examples in their institutions and RWAs on daily segregation of plastic disposal. College students were encouraged to take weekly dissemination sessions for a larger outreach of the messaging. A  Q & A session was held at the end where participants raised various issues.

Webinar – 4th october 

Shri Vinay Jaju, environmentalist and co-founder of SwitchON foundation addressed the students about single use plastic and how plastic pollution is impacting our environment in the interaction meet organised. He also spoke about how by taking small steps we can reduce the burden of plastic including substitution of carry bags and containers. He highlighted the importance of involving youth in tackling the problem.

 The students showed a lot of interest and also shared their concerns and raised the questions. Ms.Rinki Sharma, Campaign Lead, Consumer VOICE also highlighted the importance of youth members of the society to reduce plastic burden and requested all participants to avoid single use plastic by using alternatives.

Workshop – 10th October 2021

A sensitization workshop took place to educate young girls and women about plastic pollution by Consumer VOICE as a part of Green Action week activities in New Delhi. In the workshop, experts explained about reduction  and  how to recycle plastic to tackle the burden of plastic in our daily lives. Experts Dr.Manisha and Ms.Nalini Kolipaka demonstrated how we can make use plastic in a useful way. Participants took keen interest in the subject matter and also shared their experiences .They also participated in the activities organised during the workshop. Ms.Rinki Sharma gave a brief introduction about Green Action Week activities and how youth esp young girls and women can play an important role in tackling plastic pollution. Ms.Beena Sharma, educationist also spoke about using alternatives to plastic. Participants were given cloth bags made from recyclable material.

Workshop – 23rd Oct 2021

Consumer VOICE in collaboration with New Delhi Nature Society and We Mean to Clean organised plastic clean up drive today behind Vasant Kunj mall Delhi.(urban forest area). Enthusiastic volunteers joined the clean-up drive and picked the plastic waste such as water bottles, plastic bags, plastic glasses etc .Ms.Rinki Sharma Campaign Lead, Consumer VOICE, Mr. Verhaen Khanna, Founder of New Delhi Nature Society and Mr. Manish Khurana ,co-founder of We Mean to Clean shared information on the perils of plastic pollution, importance of doing joint efforts and fighting plastic pollution together. This area was chosen to clean plastic so that animals are not going to chew the plastic dumped /thrown by people passing from the area and also plastic waste will not go in the small water ponds available there. Cloth bags were distributed to volunteers besides refreshments.


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