Microwave ovens are a technological wonder that has helped people to survive on frozen or packaged meals. But are these home appliances worth the cost when there are concerns about microwave ovens killing the nutritional value of the foods? Let’s find out.

How has Microwave Oven made Life Simple?

  • Less Energy Consumption

Microwave ovens make use of less energy than your cookstove when cooking or reheating small amounts of foods.

  • Space-Savvy

They can fit in even the tiniest kitchens because they don’t need much space. You can also opt for wall microwave ovens if you want to save more space.

  • Easy Cleaning

The process of cleaning microwave ovens is quite easy as compared to the process of cleaning traditional ovens.

  • Quick Results

The food in microwave ovens is cooked quickly as compared to a stove or a traditional oven.

  • Auto- Shut Off

A microwave oven will shut off on its own according to the timer you have set. You don’t need to worry about food being burnt if you leave it unattended.

  • No Flames

As microwave ovens have no flames, every member of the family, be it the elderly or the kids can easily use it.

  • Safer Option

You can opt for child lock to ensure that kids don’t hurt themselves while using the microwave oven when they don’t know how to do that.

  • No Smoke

Microwave ovens don’t produce smoke or steam that is common when cooking food on the stoves or flames.

  • No Pre-Heating

Most microwave ovens can start cooking as soon as the power is turned on. They don’t make you wait long for pre-heating as the traditional ovens did.

  • Full Meals

You can use microwave ovens to prepare many foods from scratch quickly, such as cookies, poached eggs, mac, and cheese, or even potato chips.

  • Preciseness

When preparing foods in a microwave oven, you remain in control as you can set exact temperatures and time.

  • Minimal Dish Washing

This is the point liked by most people. You can prepare or heat food without needing much cookware. For instance, if you want to re-heat a burger, you will need a pan, a spoon, and a plate to warm it and then have it. But if you heat it in the microwave oven, you can just grab it off the microwave plate and have it directly.

  • Complementing Other Devices

A microwave oven can complement other devices too. For instance, if you pre-heat food in it before putting it on the grill, the time needed to cook it would reduce considerably.

How Microwave Ovens Have Made Lives Complicated?

  • Uneven Heat

Microwave ovens often produce uneven heat so your food might not be cooked or reheated perfectly. Some parts of the food might remain cold, while others become too hot to handle.

  • Regular Cleaning

Like many other devices, microwave ovens need to be cleaned after every use and need a deeper cleaning once a week.

  • The Smell

You need to deodorize microwave ovens regularly to ensure that they don’t smell awful.

  • RustProblems

Rusting and corrosion are quite common when you buy a microwave oven.

  • Killing the Nutrients

Like many other cooking & heating appliances, microwave ovens can kill nutrients present in the food.

In essence, it can be said that though microwave ovens have made our lives simpler, they do have some drawbacks too. You will be smart to use them on an as-needed basis.


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