What is flavoured milk?

Flavoured milk is a ready-to- drink product, produced from milk, sugar and natural flavours (such as banana, pineapple, orange or chocolate). Milk is a good source of nutrition and this product is a healthy option for children and adults alike. 
For preparing flavoured milk, raw milk is tested for quality and clarified or filtered to eliminate particles of dirt, dust, etc., and thereby standardised. Required ingredients and flavour are added to the milk. The mix may then pasteurise at a suitable temperature and time, cooled and filled in glass milk bottles, and capped. Sterilised milk is filled in glass milk bottles with crown-cork or in sterilised cans and sealed airtight. The containers are placed in a steriliser.
The product shall conform to the designated flavour. It shall have no off-flavours. No visible sediment of the added flavouring materials is desirable. To know more on the best option to consumer read the comparative test on which are the healthiest flavoured milk brands.
As per Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011: ‘Flavoured milk’, by whatever name called, may contain nuts (whole, fragmented or ground), chocolate, coffee or any other edible flavour, edible food colours and cane sugar. Flavoured milk shall be pasteurised, sterilised, or boiled. The type of milk shall be mentioned on the label.


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