Stakeholders consultation on ‘Front of Pack Warning Labels (FOPL) on Unhealthy Packaged Foods in Shimla

In Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Consumer VOICE in association with Himachal Upabhogkta Sanrakshan Parishad organized organized a stakeholders consultation in Bachhat Bhawan, DC’s office complex on 16th March, 2022.

The event was well organized and inaugurated by Ms Mamta Mukta, Chief Advisor who set the tone of the workshop by talking about unhealthy food packets and importance of correct labels.

Shimla Workshop

This was then carried forward by Nilanjana Bose, Project Head, Food and Nutrition, Consumer VOICE who gave a presentation on ‘What and Why FOPL is needed in India’. She said that said that “Amidst the rising concerns over obesity and other non-communicable diseases ailments in our country, it becomes imperative for consumers to be a stakeholder in deciding what to eat and what is to be avoided. Front-of-Pack warning labelling represents a key component of a comprehensive strategy to promote healthier lives. It enables consumers to identify in a quick, clear and effective way, products high in salt, sugar and fats”.

Shimla Workshop

The chief guest of the event, Shri Ramesh Gangotra, Chairman, Himachal Pradesh Food Commission, took a keen interest in the subject and elaborated on the activities of his department. He understood the importance of Front of Pack Warning labels and urged all that such workshops should be conducted at the district and block level for better sensitization.

Dr Vikas Bhatia of Health Mission, Dr Medha, Dr Arshya, residents of IGMC Shimla and Dr Ashok Mangla, District Food Safety Officer elaborated on the harmful effects of packaged foods that are rich in salt, sugar and fats.

Shri Shiv Dutt Bhardwaj, Chairman of Himachal Upabhogkta Sanrakshan Parishad pledged support on behalf of consumer organisations in the state to support Consumer VOICE and the government in making the Himachal Pradesh a healthy state.

An interactive question answer session followed the discussion.

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