The curd is one of the Indian superfoods that’s gaining a lot of global attention these days. The result, kids who used to stay away from curd when their grandmothers urged them to have some are now chasing the curd and curd recipes as adults. Thanks to the fact that most of us are often too busy and the exceptional marketing strategies of the big brands, most people are having branded curd instead of making fresh at home.

Here we analyze the pros and cons of branded curd so that you know whether buying it is the right decision or not.

What is Curd?

The curd is a popular dairy product that is obtained by coagulating milk via a process known as curdling. The coagulating process is triggering by using acidic products like vinegar or lemon. The process takes a couple of hours depending on the weather. Branded curd is made in the factory after standardizing, pasteurizing and homogenizing the milk and then adding a culture. At home, you can simply take milk that is already standardized, pasteurized and homogenized, pasteurize it again and then add the culture.

Pros of Branded Curd

Branded curd is usually of a higher quality than homemade curd as the companies need to follow stringent quality standards while making the curd and can only sell it if the end product meets the specific criteria.

The process of buying branded curd is quite simple. You can just buy it at a local store that offers dairy products and has it. No need to wait, you can have it as it is.

You can also trust the branded curd to be excellent in taste and thicker than home-made curd in most cases.

Homemade curd making process can often be a failure, and you may end up losing the ingredients. This won’t happen with branded curd.

Cons of Branded Curd

The cost of branded curd is higher than home-made curd.

Branded curd usually has an expiry date and hence needs to be consumed in a specific time-frame, or it may harm your health.

There is no guarantee that a manufacturer will adhere to the set quality standards or prepare the curd according to the guidelines set by the food authorities. So, you may get a product that does more harm than good.

In essence, it can be said that branded curd has its pros and cons that need to be analyzed thoroughly before you buy it. Though it’s easily available and saves the trouble of making curd at home, it is quite expensive and needs to be consumed as soon as possible. You should choose between homemade and branded curd according to your needs. No matter what choice you make, ensure that you have curd twice a day every day for excellent health benefits!



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