If you are an Indian consumer who often wonders is it safe to shop online with a debit card then you should know the answer is yes. You just need to ensure that you become a smart person and avoid pitfalls that can compromise your financial information and lead to fraud.

Here Consumer Voice will guide you on how to use debit card for online payment or how to use debit card online purchases while ensuring the safety of your confidential information. Read on the tips and follow them for as long as possible.

  • Choose the right bank

    Though many people take it for granted, choosing the right bank matters when it comes to the safety of online transactions. While selecting a bank, you should pick one that has opted for additional debit card protections for the consumers and goes beyond the ordinary rules to ensure that consumers don’t have to bear the costs if they have been a victim of online fraud.

  • Check the bank statements regularlyMake it a rule to check your bank statements every week to ensure that you get to know of any fraudulent transaction as soon as possible. Remember, if you report a fraud too late, the bank will have the power to deny you the money, and you will have to bear the entire loss.
  • Remember pin protection

    Never share your PIN with anyone, be it someone claiming to be a bank employee or the ATM guard who wants to help you get cash instantly. Never write it down but memorize it. If you can’t remember the PIN by memory, make it cryptic like adding a zero after every digit while noting it down to ensure extra protection. If possible, use the debit card in credit mode to get extra liability protection from some banks.

  • Learn basic security rules

    There are some basic security rules you should know like using a website with https:// for financial transactions and avoiding transactions on websites that have only http:// at the beginning of the URL. You should also use ATMs at bank branches whenever possible as hacking them id difficult due to the presence of security cameras. Also, don’t use public wireless access for any financial transaction. Small things can make a huge difference in keeping you safe.


It is quite clear that the answer to is it safe to shop online with a debit card is yes if you learn to be a smart consumer. If you remember the tips above on how to use debit card for online payment or how to use debit card online purchases safely then you will remain protected for long and reduce the probability of being vulnerable to an online transaction fraud.

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