If you have never used a debit card before and you have questions like how to use a debit card online or how to use a debit card online safely, then you must read on. Here you can know the basics of debit card use and learn valuable debit card safety tips.
According to stats, the transaction value in digital payments segment was more than USD 50,000 million in 2018 in India, and it is expected to reach more than USD 127,000 by 2023. It can be estimated that transactions worth millions of USD are done by debit cards as well because it is a popular online payment method in India.

How to use a debit card online?

The answer of how to use a debit card online is mentioned below:

  • Visit the website where you wish to shop for products or services
  • Select the products you want to buy or services you want to avail
  • Add the products/services to the cart and visit the checkout page
  • When provided with payment options, select debit card as the preferred mode of payment
  • Provide basic details like debit card number, CVV, the expiry date of the card
  • Provide a one-time password or a 6 digit 3D secure PIN 

How to use a debit card online safely?

  • If you want to learn how to use a debit card safely online during every transaction, then do remember these simple debit card safety tips.
  • Try to do online transactions on your personal computer that has a quality security software. Avoid public networks and computers whenever possible.
  • Type in the name of the URL and double check the spellings. Avoid URLs with http and opt for URLs that start with HTTPs.
  • Never save your debit card information on the browser you use. It might be vulnerable to hackers, and even other people who use your computer can misuse it.
  • Never share your debit card information in an email because scammers only request for such information via email. A reputed brand will never do that.
  • Enable SMS alert for each of your debit card transactions. It will allow you to know as soon as a transaction is made and you will be able to recognize whether you approved a transaction or not.
  • Check your banking emails, account statements and passbook regularly to detect any unauthorized transactions.
  • In case you find an unauthorized transaction, make sure that you report it to the bank as soon as possible. You can also get the police involved if the amount is too big or the bank is not helping you.

The answers to how to use a debit card online and how to use a debit card online safely are quite simple for those who want to learn the process. Only a few simple debit card safety tips can ensure that your debit card is ever misused and you don’t lose any money just because you opted for a convenient and time-saving way of shopping.

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