Top Washing Machine Features in Demand Right Now

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Buying a washing machine is one of the key decisions for a household because if you make a wrong decision, changing it can cost you a lot more than money. So, it is advised that you do thorough research on what washing machine features you need most and make the purchase accordingly.

Some of the top washing machine features are listed right here. Know about their usage and benefits before thinking of seeking a product that offers these. 

  • Auto Restart

This feature means that if a washing machine cycle is interrupted for any reason like a power outage, the cycle will restart from the point when it was interrupted. This saves time and money as the machine doesn’t redo the same process again. If you live in an area where power outage is common, this feature should be on your list. 

  • Automatic Drainage

If you intend to buy an automatic washing machine and not just a semi-automatic washing machine, you can expect the model to have automatic drainage in washing machine. It means that the water will be drained when the machine senses its time and you won’t have to do that manually. 

  • Child Lock

This one is quite obvious. Child lock in washing machine ensures that once you select and start a washing session, it can’t be changed. This option is suitable for households with active kids who like to experiment with new things. 

  • Hot-Water Wash

This washing machine feature is gaining a lot of popularity in India because hot water is considered better for cleaning clothes. This option is available in top rated washing machines only and can increase the price of a model. It is more required by people who have kids or an ailing person in the family to control bacteria progress in the home. 

  • Wash-Load Sensor

If a washing machine has this feature, the washing machine will detect load volume, fabric type and hence adjust the washing process. The water level required is also judged on the basis of sensors. This feature is not so popular because most people prefer to wash similar fabrics together and do the sorting quickly by using their hands. People who lack time to do such things manually usually opt for this feature. 

  • Air Drying

This feature allows you to air dry clothes with the help of the vents added to the machine during the spin cycle. This function can be switched on and off as per your wish. When you turn it on, the vents will draw warm air from the surroundings and circulate it in the drum to ensure that your clothes are gently warmed, and water is evaporated. This one among washing machine features is best for people who avoid tumble dryers or need to wash bulky clothes regularly. 

  • Smart Rinse

This feature allows you to control how much water will be used to rinse the clothes. If the clothes are not too dirty, you can use minimal water and save on the water bills. But if you have kids or people with sensitive skin or skin issues like eczema at home, you need to opt for extra water rinse to ensure that clothes don’t flare up allergies. 

  • Memory Wash

This feature allows the machine to remember your preferred choices when it comes to different wash loads like baby wash load, cotton wash load, etc. It negates the need to select settings manually every time you do the laundry. This feature is perfect for busy people who want to save time without making any mistakes.

In essence, it can be seen that though new washing machine features like child lock in washing machine or drainage in washing machine are making life easier, they are making the purchase decision more complicated. You should pick the features you need to most on the basis of your current and future requirements to ensure that you make a correct decision. Good Luck!

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