Want to keep your heart safe? It’s time to avoid these 5 foods rich in trans fat

Did you know that the samosa or the kachori that is home made could be more harmful than you thought? Are you shocked? Here are more reasons to get shocked. Vanaspati and reused oils that you use could actually result in cardiovascular diseases and you might not even get to know for several years!  All these fat and oils are rich in trans fats which are bad for your heart as it increases LDL or bad cholesterol and also decreases HDL or good cholesterol and makes you prone to heart problems.

India too has taken its first steps towards eliminating trans fat from its foods. As per Draft Notifications of FSSAI, the Indian Food Safety Regulator, limit of trans fats in the fats / oils will be not more than 3% by weight on and from January 01, 2021 and not more than 2% by weight on and from January 01, 2022. On and from January 01, 2022, food products in which edible oils and fats are used as an ingredient shall not contain trans fats more than 2% by weight of the total fats / oils present in the product.

Here are top 5 foods that you should start avoiding now!

Samosas, kachodis and pakodas – A monsoon evening in an Indian home is incomplete without a plateful of pakodas and samosas along with a cup of adrak ki chai (ginger tea). But did you know that though you might be enjoying that samosa, your level of bad cholesterol could be increasing as well.  That samosa could be made of vanaspati ghee or reused oil which is high in trans fats.

Microwave popcorn – Well what about this harmless popcorn? Popcorn in itself is harmless, but microwave popcorn contains partially hydrogenated oils to keep the oil solid until the popcorn bag is microwaved. Partially hydrogenated oils are also high in trans fats.

French Fries – Burgers and French fries have now flooded the Indian markets in a big way. They are easily available and have been Indianised to suit Indian taste buds. Most takeaway chains may use fat, oils which is rich in trans fats to enhance the taste and shelf life. Furthermore, high cooking temperatures used during frying can cause the trans fats content of the oil to increase slightly.

Cakes and Pastries – Baked products including your birthday cakes are mostly made with margarine which produce a flakier, softer pastry. It’s also cheaper and has a longer shelf life than butter. Margarine is also high in trans fats.

Frozen foods –Frozen foods may also use vanaspati ghee, margarine, partially hydrogenated oils which are high in trans fats to increase the shelf life. It is important to check the labels before you buy such products, if you cannot avoid it completely.

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