Interactive Session With Children on the Harmful Effects of Trans Fats

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in terms of consuming trans fat due to lack of awareness. They need to be sensitized about trans-fat, what to eat in a right way and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping the health of children on top priority, Consumer VOICE organised an interactive workshop with students of Soami Nagar Model School New Delhi on 21st December 2020  as a part of campaign activities ‘Trans Fat Free Children.’  

 The head of the institution Ms.Aarti Prasad  addressed the students on this important topic and encouraged them to adopt healthy food habits and to  avoid the trans fats laden foods .Ms.Rinki Sharma, Head- Projects, Consumer VOICE interacted with students and conducted the session.

Students participated with full enthusiasm and shared their experiences in the interaction.

Various Informative posters on the subject matter were prepared and shown to students such as what is trans fatty acids, what are different types of foods to be avoided, ill effects of trans fatty acids etc. These posters were also put on school boards after permission of the school authorities.

 Stickers with ‘No to Trans Fat’ messages were  also circulated among students to put on their school bags as a reminder to avoid trans fatty acids in the food. We witnessed great enthusiasm among students and school staff. Around 45 students of  middle and senior sections  participated in the interactive session.

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