Medicated Toothpastes – Pros and Cons

With time, medical science innovations are increasing at a rapid pace. One of the innovations of medical science that has got a lot of attention lately is the invention of medicated toothpastes.  As the name suggests, these toothpastes have some medicinal properties. They are created specifically to help in solving an oral health issue.

If you are also considering choosing medicated toothpastes, we suggest you go through the following pros and cons of medicated toothpastes as it will help you to make a smarter decision.


  • Medicated toothpastes have proven to solve different types of oral health issues like tooth sensitivity, receding gums, etc.
  • Some toothpastes can even solve multiple health problems at once like bad breath, tooth sensitivity, etc.
  • Even if a person doesn’t have an oral health issue, using a medicated toothpaste can help in preventing problems. For instance, fluoride toothpastes can make teeth resistant to the attack of bacteria present in the mouth.
  • Generic versions of most medicated toothpastes are available these days. It means that you get a toothpaste with similar ingredients at a lower price. It’s great for your budget.


  • If used without the prescription of a medical professional, using these types of toothpastes can lead to disastrous
  • Even when you use them under medical supervision, it is likely that you might be exposed to some of the side effects printed on the label.
  • You need to follow precise instructions regarding the use of medicated toothpastes. Not doing so can lead to severe outcomes.
  • Small children or people who can’t spit properly due to some reason should avoid medicates, especially fluoride toothpastes as it may lead to fluoride toxicity.
  • Though medicated toothpastes may offer some relief from oral health issues, they can rarely serve as a replacement for the need to visit a dentist and getting a treatment done.
  • Most medicated toothpastes are expensive as compared to the usual toothpastes so, they can make a dent in your monthly budget.

In essence, it can be said that though useful, medicated toothpastes also have many flaws and drawbacks. You should limit their use and should avoid being toodependent on them whenever possible. The best way to stay away from them is to ofcourse, maintain good oral health by practicing good oral health habits!

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