National Car Safety Workshop – Rajkot

Consumer VOICE in collaboration with its state partner Rajkot Saher Jilla Grahak Suraksha Mandal, along with Consumer Coordination Council organised a National Convention on Car Safety at Rotary Greater Bhavan, Rajkot on December 23, 2017. The main objective of the programme was to spread the message that safer cars are needed on Indian roads to save the precious lives.

Shri Hemant Kumar Upadhyay, Advisor – Projects, IT & Telecom, Consumer VOICE

Shri Hemant Kumar Upadhyay, Advisor- Projects, IT & Telecom, welcomed the guests and elaborated upon the subject on Car Safety. In his speech he explained the reasons for the workshop on “Car Safety”. He also explained how VOICE organization is working with global organization to reduce accidents and create awareness on Car` Safety in India. Further elaborating the subject he mentioned that Indian government is taking steps towards harmonization of national regulations of safety standards for passenger cars with UN regulations. He further said that 30% of the fatalities can be prevented by adopting safety gadgets in our cars.

Shri N. M. Dharani, Hon’ble Judge, Rajkot District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Rajkot was the chief guest and Shri Shivlalbhai Barasiya, Hon’ble Chairman, Rajkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry presided over the programme.

National Car Safety Workshop – Rajkot

In his speech Shri N. M. Dharani, Hon’ble Judge, Rajkot District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Rajkot said that most of the small Indian cars don’t meet UN safety and Global NCAP standards. Many Indian cars scored zero on crash & safety tests whereas European cars with airbags scored better. Also the same company when exported their products, it maintained safety features but not when it sold it in India. When Car manufactures are able to make safer car for exports, then it is also possible to make the same for Indian Customer. But due to lack of awareness about Car Safety features and its benefits, Indian customers don’t demand these safety features.

Mr. Amarjeet Singh of Consumer VOICE in his presentation explained about how different cars have their own safety features and differentiated about safety features provided in luxury car and an ordinary car. He also showed a video on Car Safety features and experiences of road accident victims.

Participants in National Car Safety Workshop – Rajkot

Shri J. B. Shah, Hon’ble RTO Officer, Rajkot, shared his ideas on RTO Rules and how people need to be aware about RTO Rules. A video presentation showed by him described how people were driving their vehicles in dangerous ways and how many people have lost their lives by a single mistake of a driver. He also elucidated on how they can save their lives if they follow the traffic rules. Smt. Ramaben Mavani, President, Rajkot Saher Jilla Grahak Suraksha Mandal, Rajkot, further added that how an accident happens and how people are unaware of their rights and duties on road.

Shri Ramjibhai B. Mavani, Founder President, Rajkot Saher Jilla Grahak Suraksha Mandal, Rajkot, shared his valuable ideas on Car safety. He also gave examples of some cars which are not having safety features and how people can save their family member’s life by adding safety features in their car.
The convention was attended by 200 representatives of consumer organisations across India which was covered by media as well. Other Distinguished Guests who attended the event were Mr. S.C.Sharma, Ms. Shobha Hegde, Lead Assessor, NABCB, QCI, New Delhi, Dr. Aparna Dhawan, Hon’ble Joint Director, NABCB, Mr. S. K. Singh, Hon’ble Director & Head, BIS, Rajkot, Shri J. B. Shah, Hon’ble RTO Officer, Rajkot, Shri Kartikbhai Bavishi, Hon’ble Manager, BSE, Rajkot, Shri G.N. Gaglani, Hon’ble retired Manager, The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., Rajkot, Shri S.M.Udani, Hon’ble retired scientist, Agmark, Rajkot.

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