Car Safety workshop – Jaipur – 14 July 2017

Consumer Voice in collaboration with its state partner Hand for Help, Jaipur organized a workshop on Car Safety at Hotel Savi on July 14, 2017.

The main objective of the workshop was to generate awareness among the consumers on safety features of cars and about ‘Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Programme’, which ensures that vehicles should be fitted with safety equipments.

Mr. Arjun Kant Jha, Office Bearer, Hand for Help in his welcome speech mentioned that earlier cars were supposed to be the safest vehicle because only selected categories of vehicles were available. Now the situation has changed because of economic empowerment resulting into increased number of cars. Hence, today victimization of car wheelers is second after two wheelers.

Sh. Hemant Upadhyay, Senior Advisor from Consumer VOICE in his introductory opening told in brief about Consumer VOICE initiatives in constitution of various consumer friendly laws in India. Further on the subject he mentioned that Indian government is taking steps towards harmonization of national regulations of safety standards for passenger cars with UN-ECE regulations. ‘Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Programme’ which will be voluntary from October, 2017 and mandatory by October, 2020.

30% of the fatalities can be prevented by only adopting safety gadgets in our cars. While purchasing the car, people usually first bargain on prices and/or demand for comfortable devices along with musical instruments and also car colours are on priority. There is no demand or query from car consumers for safety gadgets. Through the presentation, he showed the importance of car safety instruments in saving lives. A video was shown to understand the need of safety gadgets in cars.

Smt. Prerana Singh, Managing Trustee, People’s Trust and Centre Coordinator, Centre for Road Safety said people more often discuss on prices of cars, its look/design and power and there is dearth of discussion on safety aspects available in car. On preventing measures in car she highlighted the people’s attitude, behavior, road conditions along with presence or absence of safety gadgets responsible for averting accidents.

Shri Girish, President, All India Motor Driving School Association told that it is one of the much needed activity to be enforced strictly because majority of the families are having cars without any safety guard. As we Indians are in the habit of multitasking, hence during travel we enjoy listening to music, talking over phone and even eating. Therefore, under such scenario car safety gadgets are the only instrument for minimizing accidents.

Audience appreciated the documentary of road accident victims shown during the meeting. There was a question answer session where experts cleared the queries of participants.

The workshop was participated by 51 NGOs and Motor Driving Schools, representatives from civil societies of  Jaipur city.

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