Car Safety Workshop 14th September 2017 – Bengaluru

Consumer VOICE, in collaboration with its state partner National Law School of India Bengaluru   organized a workshop on Car Safety on September 14, 2017 at International Training Centre National Law School of India University , Bengaluru.

The main objective of the programme is to spread a message that safer cars are needed on Indian roads to save the precious lives.

A total of 47 candidates from various law colleges, car service centres and NGOs attended the workshop.

Prof. (Dr.) Ashok R. Patil introduced the topic and explained the need of manufacturing cars with safety features. He also introduced Prof. Dr. O.V. Nandimath and Shri. Hemanth Upadhayay with their brief profile. Later it was followed by self-introduction by the participants.

The subject was introduced by Hemanth Uphadhayay consumer VOICE, New Delhi. He in his speech explained how the issue of car safety has gained importance in the last 30 years. Four years back policy makers started thinking about safety of drivers, pedestrians and passengers. He further explained how the policy makers made a study to examine the safety features that are essential.

Chief Guest of the workshop Prof. Dr. O.V. Nandimath, Registrar National Law School University of India (NLSIU), Bangalore, emphasized the importance of car safety. He said for every three and half minutes a motor vehicle accident takes place in India.

He further explained how a person is compensated in case of accident i.e. compensation in no fault liability and negligence based liability. He also explained matrix method of compensation. When the vehicle is insured, the insurance company tries to settle for no fault liability and insurance company takes the defense to not compensate when the vehicle is used for some other purpose against the permitted use. The calculation of compensation by multiplier method was also discussed by him.

Why manufactures are hesitant to manufacture the car loaded with safety measures was elaborated in the workshop by Chief Guest of the workshop Prof. (Dr.) O.V. Nandimath.

He also talked on policies that are necessary to ensure car safety measures and said policies and regulations should be made to make roads safe and vehicles safe.

Expert speaker of the program Shri Hemanth Uphadhayay made a presentation to address the participants over the issue of car safety.

He discussed about the policies around the world for car safety. He said United Nations Organisation has set various minimum car safety measures and it is important to note that India is party to the UN regulations. On the basis of safety requirements 3 categories are made in cars i.e. 5 star category, 4 star category and 3 star category, 3 star category signifies a category which represents presence of minimum safety measures in a car.

In 2016, five Indian cars which made market share of nearly 20% in Indian market were tested, and then it was found that none of them have minimum safety standards. The cars before making to the market should pass through testing. And it is current demand that crash testing should be made at the speed of 64Kmph.

Further in his address he also spoke about 12 established car safety measures that are Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD), Brake Assist (BA), Autonomous Energy Braking (AEB), Lane Keeping Technology, Visibility Aids, Seat Belt Enhancements, Airbags, Head Restraints, Child Car Seat Fixing Points, and Pedestrian Protection.

At the end of his presentation he suggested various recommendations such as Adoption of Global NCAP’s two stage minimum car safety regulation plan by the end of the U N Decade of Action in 2020, increasing role of consumer organisations in promotion of safety of cars, and Fiscal incentives and discounts to car buyers opting for safer models to encourage more rapid deployment of new technologies through the passenger car fleet. Suggestions such as to introduce Safety desk at Car Showrooms were made by him. Tips for consumers were also given at the end of his presentation, i.e. Consumer Awareness of Indian and Global Safety regulations is the first step, Consumers should give car safety a top priority, which in turn creates a demand for safer cars and regular emission checks, tyre pressure checks and making sure we ourselves buy safety and prevention tools like fire extinguisher spray.

Shri. Hemanth Uphadhayay informed that with effect from October 2017 the car manufacturer have opined that the new cars will be brought into the market with maximum safety features embedded in them.

At the end of the programme experts answered the questions of the participants and clarified their doubts. Various questions regarding efficiency of the safety measures, requirement of minimum safety measures, requirement of laws and regulations for car safety and creation of awareness among the consumers were put by the participants.

The Seminar concluded with the valedictory session by vote of thanks by Prof. Anita A. Patil.

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