Road Accidents are a Major Cause of Concern in Madhya Pradesh

West Bengal

Madhya Pradesh is among the top 5 states that recorded the highest number of accidents and fatalities in 2020.

In the year 2020, 45,266 road accidents took place in the state of Madhya Pradesh as per the MoRTH report on road accidents in India in which 11,141 people were killed. Also as per this report Madhya Pradesh topped amongst the states in terms of number of accidents since 2016.

Recently, 14 people including two children were killed and 17 were injured in different districts of Madhya Pradesh as per the media reports. The Govt. of India is committed in reducing road fatalities by 50% by 2024. The Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 is one of the big steps to reduce road fatalities and strengthen the much awaited road safety legislative framework in India.

The MVA Act 2019 addresses not only key road safety risk factors but also brought much desired improvement in the transport sector, licensing, bringing citizen facilitation, transparency, and reducing corruption with the help of information technology and removing intermediaries. The Act will strengthen public transport, safeguard and protect Good Samaritan and bring in reforms in the insurance and compensation regime.

But unfortunately, the State of Madhya Pradesh has not yet implemented this Act fully, despite being the number 2 state in terms of number of road fatalities.  Proper implementation of MVAA 2019 will be crucial for achieving the “Vision Zero” being implemented by the Transport department of MP. We expressed our concerns and approached the Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon. Transport Minister of Madhya Pradesh in this regard by writing letters and seeking appointments

Social Media Support to strengthen road safety in the state of Madhya Pradesh through implementation of MVAA 2019

We are continuing our efforts to sensitize policy makers to strengthen Road Safety in the state of Madhya Pradesh by notification of Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 to save precious lives. We are using social media platforms to gather support in this regard by tagging the relevant stakeholders.

Road Safety
Road Safety
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