Digital Safety for Consumers

Today, we are moving to the digital era, government of India now actively pushing for Cashless payment and in all this process Internet plays a very vital role. Internet is used by layman including professionals, students, working or business class, even illiterate / semi-literate Indians – Internet Safety is paramount.

This year February 7 is observing as “Safer Internet Day” with joint initiative by Department of Consumer Affairs and Google with the theme of Digital Safety for Consumers. Here are some steps one could take to ensure safe Internet usage.

  1. Never give your credit card to someone else. Keep credit card information like CVV number and pin confidential, Be Smart, Stay Safe!
  2. It is highly recommended that you change the default pin of your new credit or debit card and set a new pin from the ATM. Never share your pin or card details with anybody. Be Smart, Stay Safe!
  3. Don’t tell fall emails and advertisement that tempt you to believe that you have won a lottery or a prize. Never respond to such emails or advertisements with your personal or financial information. Be Smart, Stay Safe!
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