Internet Speed – Where is the Speed?

It’s an irony that while writing this blog on internet speed, work was hampered several times because of slow internet speed. At a time when India is trying to make headway as Digital India, people in India are still struggling over internet speed and quality issues. And if you feel your Internet Service Provider is the only one who is not giving you the desired quality, then don’t be disheartened. In a recently concluded study by VOICE it has been found the internet speed provided to users in the country is far below what is claimed by the service providers, and is amongst the lowest internationally. When the entire world including India will be celebrating World Consumer Rights Day on 15th March, it is time for us Indians to sit up and question TRAI on the internet speed and the quality that we receive.


With the Indian government making sincere efforts to make the country a digital one, we are moving at a great speed from offline to online mode in our daily lives. From online shopping to online rail booking from online filling of forms to filing of e-returns everything is now online our daily lives are now intertwined online. But oftenthere have been road blocks in these because of internet speed and daily lives have been hampered greatly.

Digitisation of the economy has increased the usage of the Internet in almost all aspects of life – from the way we communicate with friends, to the way we shop, to the way we pay our utility bills and the way we travel.Daily commuting and holiday packages are possible just with a click on the mouse. However, all of these have been possible with a one-rider – high-quality Internet connection.

The audit of wireless internet speed which was also conducted by VOICE in eight states across four telecom circles included both metros and Tier II cities and it was found that users get much lower speed than what is claimed through this mode also. The study assessed the impact of Quality of Internet Service on 9 important aspects of life which includesDaily Lives, Business and jobs, Travelling and Commuting, People with Special Needs, Political and Civic Participation, Health and Medical Services, Education and Research, Development of Rural Areas and Shopping. The study concluded that the important parameters which has the highest impact on the daily life of the people is business and work.


With more and more businesses especially startups having most of their businesses online, with slow internet speed, they are bound to suffer huge losses. Even a common man’s entertainment quotient is dependent upon internet these days. Booking movie tickets or shows of your favourite music star is many a times available only online. Not only is the urban population who is feeling the pinch of poor internet quality but QoIS has greater impact for the development of rural India as well. So on this World Consumer Rights Day, let’s sensitise the concerned authority on the need to improve the quality of internet service.


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