Workshop on Rising Burden of NCDs & Prevention and Care of Hypertension in Lucknow

Consumer VOICE in collaboration with its partner, Consumer Guild organized a workshop on ‘Rising Burden of NCDs and Prevention and Care of Hypertension’ in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh on the 23rd of September. The main objective of the workshop was creating awareness among the people on the health risks of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including hypertension (HTN) which is a major risk factor and also to seek opinion and participation of various stakeholders.

While inaugurating the event, Abhishek Srivastava, Chairman, Consumer Guild highlighted the importance of creating awareness among people about the NCDs and Hypertension. He informed that Consumer Guild Lucknow and Consumer VOICE are working together in the state of Uttar Pradesh to increase awareness on NCDs and Prevention and care of Hypertension. He also thanked the CMO office and NCD Cell including doctors and health workers, officials from Government Hospitals, Primary Health Centers and Community Health centers for their support and participation in the workshop. 

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Ms Nilanjana Bose, Project Head, Food & Nutrition, Consumer VOICE made a detail presentation highlighting prevalence of NCDs and HTN in India. Talking about how timely intervention can save patients from serious hypertension problems like stroke and organ damage, she said that most Indians are not aware that they are suffering from hypertension. She raised concern about the lowest screening of hypertensive individuals and said that strengthening primary healthcare will not only reduce mortality but also significantly reduce      the need for secondary and tertiary care and its related costs. 

She informed that only 7% women, 6% men who have hypertension take medicine in India according to NFHS (5) 12% per cent of women and 9 per cent of men say that on two or more occasions they were told by a doctor or health professional that they have hypertension or high blood pressure . Technology enabled frontline health workers, like ASHAs and ANMs, can be very effective in early detection and long-term management of hypertension.

Dr. Abhinav Kedia , Cardiovascular Health officer, WHO, Uttar Pradesh shared WHO’s Global report on Hypertension 2023. He stressed that 46 Lakh deaths can be averted if hypertension can becontrolled. NCDs account for 63% of deaths of which cardiovascular diseases lead with 27% overall mortality. All people above 30 years should get their blood pressure checked at least once in year.

Dr. Rajnigandha , Balrampur Government Hospital- spoke about the behavioral changes due to hypertension which requires counselling. 

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