Road Safety – Campaign Updates (March 2022)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day– 8th March 2022 women from diverse backgrounds came forward to support road safety initiative.

In Madhya Pradesh state women came forward and demanded for speedy notification of Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 to strengthen road safety and reduce road fatalities & injuries.

In West Bengal State several women drivers appealed to the citizens to follow the traffic rules and to fulfill their responsibilities as responsible drivers.

In Uttar Pradesh women drivers focused on risk factors and appealed to citizens to wear helmets, seat belts, slow down etc to strengthen road safety.

Consumer VOICE  used its digital channels and emphasized to strengthen road safety and highlighted appeal by women drivers to drive responsibly and follow traffic rules etc.

On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day -15th March 2022 our partner in Uttar Pradesh organized a sensitization programme and circulated press release congratulating new government and an appealed to strengthen the road safety. 

In Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal also consumer activists and organizations came forward and through social media postings urged to make roads safer. 

On the occasion of Holi 18th March 2022, we sensitized people using our digital channels to drive responsibly and focused on risk factors such as drink driving, speed etc.

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