Workshop on Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Consumer VOICE organized a workshop on 8th October at Soami Nagar New Delhi as part of Green Action Week, emphasizing sustainable consumption patterns and energy efficiency. The event empowered participants with practical knowledge to make eco-friendly choices in their daily lives.

Shri Parasram, environmental expert, shared insights on eco-friendly practices, urging attendees to conserve energy and natural resources.

A standout moment was an inventive plantation activity led by Shri Parasram, using upcycled plastic bottles as planters, highlighting the power of recycling.

Educationist Ms. Beena Sharma engaged the youth, sharing energy-efficient tools and methods, encouraging proactive implementation.
Ms. Rinki Sharma, Lead Projects Coordinator, addressed practical issues and promoted the use of natural resources as energy-efficient alternatives.

Participants, especially the youth, actively planted trees using upcycled plastic bottles. They received LED bulbs, biodegradable garbage bags, and mud diyas to encourage eco-friendly practices during Diwali.

The workshop inspired consumers to reassess their consumption habits and prioritize sustainability, equipping them with tools to save energy and contribute to a greener future.

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