Workshop on energy efficiency practices for students

A workshop, organized by Consumer VOICE in collaboration with Vrikshit Foundation, was held at their library in Rohini, New Delhi, on September 23, 2023, as part of the Green Action Week activities.

The workshop’s primary objective was to engage students in the importance of energy efficiency practices, fostering a sense of responsibility for sustainable energy use and a reduction in unsustainable consumption patterns. 

Young changemaker and environmentalist Siddhant Sarang interacted with students of various age groups, emphasizing the vital importance of empowering the younger generation to embrace responsible natural resource use and integrate energy-efficient practices into their daily lives.

Apporva, a dedicated volunteer from Vrikshit Foundation and an enthusiastic young changemaker, actively supported the activities, alongside other volunteers.

Beena Sharma, an education expert and passionate environmentalist, engaged with students, educating them about energy resources, their rapid depletion, and the various practices to conserve energy.

Rinki Sharma, the lead projects representative from Consumer VOICE, also interacted with students, sharing insights about community efforts and the impact of collective actions.

A quiz was organized for the children, covering various aspects of energy efficiency and available alternatives. They were also provided with notepads featuring attractive covers with energy-saving tips and colored bookmarks with energy efficiency recommendations.

During the workshop, students, speakers, experts, and volunteers pledged to adopt energy efficiency practices in their daily lives and commit to various activities aimed at conserving energy.

The students, mainly aged between 12 to 15 years and hailing from low economic backgrounds, displayed keen interest and participated with full enthusiasm in the workshop.

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