Empowering Women and Young Girls with Energy Efficiency: A Consumer VOICE Workshop

In a bid to empower women and young girls with the knowledge and motivation to champion energy efficiency, a workshop organized by  Consumer VOICE took place at Sanjay Enclave New Delhi on 7th October as a part of Green Action Week . The event, exclusively dedicated to women and young girls, served as a platform for raising awareness about energy conservation on the theme of sharing community and equipping participants with practical tools to make a meaningful impact.

The workshop featured a dynamic line-up of experts who shared their insights and experiences. Beena Sharma, an esteemed educator, led the discussions on various aspects of energy efficiency.

Local resource person, Lovely, shared her expertise in the context of the local community, making it relatable to the participants. Her insights highlighted the importance of region-specific approaches to energy efficiency.

Rinki Sharma, the lead projects coordinator at Consumer VOICE, brought a wealth of knowledge about sustainable energy practices. She outlined the organization’s initiatives and the critical role that women and young girls can play in conserving energy for a brighter future.

The workshop explored practical ways to save energy, such as switching to LED lights, checking for star labeling on appliances, harnessing natural resources, and adopting eco-friendly practices. Participants were encouraged to embrace these strategies in their daily lives.

Towards the end of the event, the attendees actively engaged in a symbolic act of environmental stewardship by participating in a tree plantation activity. This hands-on experience reinforced the importance of sustainability and taking collective action to combat climate change.

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