Envisioning Workshop

Consumer VOICE took a proactive step towards shaping a sustainable future by organizing an Envisioning Workshop on the 24th of November in New Delhi, as part of the Green Action Week project activities. 

The primary objective of this workshop was to delve into the future of sustainable consumption, seeking to capture a spectrum of diverse perspectives. At the heart of this initiative was the aspiration to contribute meaningfully to sustainable consumption research. 

The outcomes of the workshop are slated to play a pivotal role in this domain, feeding into an accessible report that will comprehensively analyze the varied visions presented during the event. This report, once compiled, will serve as a valuable resource for those invested in understanding and promoting sustainable practices. The workshop’s approach aimed not only to analyze but to inspire change actively. By envisioning alternative futures through collaborative efforts, Consumer VOICE aimed to provide a roadmap for positive transformations in the realm of consumption. This proactive stance aligns with the organization’s commitment to catalyzing impactful change.

Facilitators played a crucial role in guiding participants through the envisioning process, ensuring a rich and diverse range of visions were shared. The added creative touch of having an artist translate these visions into artwork added a unique dimension to the workshop. In essence, Consumer VOICE’s Envisioning Workshop stands as a beacon of proactive engagement with sustainable consumption. By bringing together diverse perspectives, guided by facilitators, and immortalized through art, the workshop represents a comprehensive effort to chart a course towards a more sustainable and conscientious future.

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