Foods to Avoid During the Indian Summer

Summer months in India are from April- July and one has to eat right to prevent any stomach prone diseases. To battle any effects of the digestive system one must include fluids in their diet. Tea and coffee should be avoided. Drinking a good amount of water is key to fighting 90% of the diseases. Avoid fatty and fried foods, as they tend to heat up your body. One should also include foods with more fibre, like oats, barley and wheat. Have watermelon, cucumber and seasonal fruits like mangoes. Eating light is essential, else the body can generate excess heat that results in sleeplessness, exhaustion, inflammation, stomach upset and acidity. One has to keep a check on their diet during the summer months.

Here is a list of foods to avoid this summer:

  1. Fried Food:  At any point junk food is not advisable, however in summer months one has to take more precautions. Fried food is soaked in oil and often undercooked leading to chances of having indigestion and food poisoning. The excess oil shows on your skin as well. Keep away from the french fries, burgers and hot dogs.
  2. Spicy Food: The spices increase the heat quotient in the body. We all love our spicy food but such foods are best to be avoided during summers. Spices like chilli, ginger, nutmegs, mustard, pepper, cumin and cinnamon create heat and are known to boost the metabolism rate.
  3. Red Meat: Red meat like mutton, lamb, and pork are high in saturated fat that increases blood cholesterol. It is heavy and takes longer to digest. So it’s recommended to avoid red meat during the scorching heat.
  4. Dried Fruits: Another must avoid this season are nuts. They take longer to digest and generate heat in the body. They do wonders in winters, but not required during the summer months. One can opt for fresh fruits.
  5. Sea Food: Sea Food eaten at the wrong time can lead to food poisoning. If the seafood is not fresh, it can give way to severe gastric problems, diarrhoea and skin eruptions as well.
  6. Sweet & Caffeinated drinks: Drinks with high sugar such as iced tea are not good during the summers.  Drinks like aerated colas, sherbets, and fruit punches lead to an increase in calorie intake which also dehydrates our body and affects the kidneys. Tea and coffee should be avoided as well, which can cause dehydration.


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