India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Digital literacy is almost non-existent in a country where 25-30% of the population are illiterate. While India boasts being the world’s second fastest growing mobile market, it is lagging far behind when it comes to computer or digital literacy. Anne Frasen Fund of Consmentonbond and Consumers International is funding the digital literacy initiative which will cover across a cross-section of people and make Indians digitally aware consumers.


Digital literacy is the ability to find, share, and create content using technologies and internet. It involves effective use digital devices like tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops to communicate, express and share information and knowledge. It involves an array of things which range from effective communication to cyber safety.


India is taking baby steps to become digitally literate. A time will come soon when the divide will not be between literate and illiterates but literate and digital literate. The list of things one can do online is limitless and sky is not the limit. But given below are few things that one can do with digital literacy

Read and share information online – One can read and share all kinds of information that he or she wants to know about

Learn about latest methods and techniques in every field – For example a farmer can learn about using the right pesticides and new seeds, a teacher can learn new teaching methods

Banking and Financial – Digital literacyis prime for all banking needs right from online money transfer to withdrawal

Online applications – For filling online applications for government and private jobs, for submitting tender or for applying for loans

For self learning – Men and women who have dropped out of school can again start learning and that too free of cost. Plenty of free lessons and courses are available online on a variety of subjects in all languages.

Communication – Computer literacy will help people to connect with each other in a different state, country and continent

Shopping – Online Shopping anything from anywhere at a lower price than the market

Learning new skills – One can learn new skills like baking, knitting and also a new game or sport


  1. To create a cadre and network of trained digital consumer activists
  2. To empower vulnerable consumer groups by imparting digital literacy
  3. To help consumer in redressal of their complaints related to digital issues
  4. Advocacy on the digital issues emerging out during this project.
  5. Empower the trained group to reach out to others where constant help and updating from the project will be of assistance.
  6. Target a cross section of the community in a limited pilot phase and then tie up with a large corporate like Google / Microsoft / to take the initiative forward

Going Forward

The objectives of the project will be achieved in a phased manner by the following approach:

Train the Trainer Workshop
Consumer Voice will organise a one day Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop for consumer 30 activists from Delhi NCR (Project region) to train them on digital issues. There will be intensive training session to equip them about issues related to handling digital devices (like computers, tablet PCs and smart phones) safe internet usage, related laws/regulations and available redressal avenues etc.

Digital Literacy Camps
Consumer Voice will organise total six Digital literacy camps with different categories of vulnerable consumer groups such as youngsters, women, elderly and rural. The purpose of these camps is to make them digitally literate to boost their confidence to join the digital economy and society.

Assistance to consumers in redressal of their complaints related to digital issues
Consumer Voice will help consumers in redressal of their complaints related to digital issues. This will be a continuous activity and will continue even after the project duration.

Advocacy on the Digital Issues
We will be taking up the issue faced by digital consumer with relevant authorities during the project. The advocacy strategy will be devised based on the issue emerged. It may involve submission of representation to policy makers, regulators, involving media and legislative advocacy.

Train the Trainer Workshop Dates

The first phase of the project will commence on 27th June, 2017


Civil Services Officers Institute (CSOI) at KG Marg


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