Digital Literacy, Training of Trainers Workshop- June 27, 2017

Consumer VOICE Organised Digital Literacy workshop (Training of Trainers)  on 27th June 2017 at CSOI, K.G Marg New Delhi as a part of project activities supported by  Consumentenbond and Consumers International. The purpose of the project “Digital Literacy” is to make Consumers digitally literate and boost their confidence to join the digital economy and society.

Through this workshop consumers are able to get first-hand knowledge of Digital Literacy in order to equip themselves and further impart such knowledge gained to cross-section of the society to cover different categories of vulnerable consumer groups such as youngsters, women, elderly and rural folk.

The workshop included a Power Point Presentation by Mr. Gopal Ravi Kumar
Mr. Subas Tiwari of BFSI(Banking ,Finance, Services & Insurance) Desk  & Mr. Hemant Upadhayay Senior IT Advisor of  Consumer VOICE on the following to-pics:

1. Digital Literacy for the uninitiated (an overview)
2. Digital Products in Online Transactions
3. Digital / E-Services
4. Information Technology Act
5. Do’s & Don’ts In Digital Apps Protecting Yourself From Online Frauds
6. Staying Safe Online
7. Grievance Redressal Mechanism On Digital Transactions In India
8. Digital India- Challenges

A Resource Book titled ‘A Smart Guide to Help You Become Digitally Literate’.
was distributed to trainees so that it could be used as a reference book in case of need.

Following this workshop, five digital camps will be organized by Consumer Voice in the month of July to educate consumers about digital accessibility, how to be safe when online and ensure digital security and privacy, educate them on legal rights and available redressal avenues.

About 20 people representing Civil Society Organisations who will be taking this initiative further in their area of operation / influence participated in the workshop and were also given an opportunity in clarifying their doubts.

These trainers will be holding the next round of Digital Literacy Camps in their area of operation.

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