Light of Hope for Consumers


As we begin 2019—a year that already portends to be among the most tumultuous in memory— I certainly welcome “the coming of hope for consumers, rich or poor.”

After all, at Consumer Voice, we are in the business of hope – for better future of consumers across the globe and especially in India. Our hope for our communities of consumers and our world is the work we do each and every day for consumer protection even when they buy a matchbox or a pen.  Make no mistake, that the exploitation of our democratic-capitalist system is intentional. Too often, the powerful and privileged corporate houses have intentions of harming consumers’ privileges for petty profit motives and maximize it for their own gain. We must prevent this at all cost.

At the same time, we must set our hope in relief against the realities of a world that feels on edge and off kilter, more precarious and less predictable. The reason for all of this, in my view, should not come as a surprise: Our political and economic system continues to produce and perpetuate staggering inequalities of all kinds and consumers in most cases are at the receiving end.  And although this is our society’s truth as a developing nation, it—like all truth—is under constant assault by organizations like Consumer Voice.
Consumer organizations need to engage in repairing the very mechanisms that produce, preserve, and promote consumers’ privileges. I believe we must practice a better vision of advocacy, one that improves itself and the societies / communities of which we are members thru a group chain of like- minded community fellows across India. As buyers, we should not distinguish between poor and the rich. Undue enrichment of the producers and sellers should be curtailed. 
In this way, for all of us, the road map for 2019 is clear. Given the progress we’ve made, and the work ahead, we cannot turn back now and leave our consumers in a lurch. We must redouble our efforts and forge forward, boldly, courageously and joyfully celebrate the victory of consumers against all odds. We have to dedicate ourselves to a more intense battle and consumers got to have faith in our interventions, efforts, advocacy and balancing the market. A task that will always remain unfulfilled but progress has to be made with dedication and commitments.

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