It’s time for consumers to wake up from their deep slumber!

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Arise and awake consumers ! Something we all have been hearing since the last 3 decades or more! This is true for most of the developing nations where the businesses rule the markets and we often hear about consumers being duped either by fly by night operators or by known corporate houses. This is also true in a country like India where in 1986 the Consumer Protection Bill was passed. Kudos to those who could envisage the need for consumer protection in a then “controlled economy”.

We have come a long way since then. Markets have opened up, world class products are being offered, MNCs setting up offices in India, E commerce platforms making waves, and large multi brand retails have set up businesses in India. The missing element in all these developments is involvement and participation of consumers to make the market place a balanced playing field. Proactive and reactive consumer actions have seen globally markets evolve into a “need based” respected zone where both the businesses and consumers realize that we need each other.

Alas, the Indian markets have been subjected to cruel consumer sufferings with little respite even from known brands. The dual and deceptive policies the corporate houses have for the Indian markets are obvious and omnipresent. One prime cause is sleeping consumers who don’t even want to understand their rights under the constitution bolstered by CPA of 1986. One argument is that it’s a poor man’s economy but this can’t hold water under current economic conditions with a rising middle class and young buyers. This is the very reason that world brands and corporate houses are making a beeline to India.

So the need of the hour is to set up mechanisms that work to punish the market culprits. Very obviously this is the government’s job as by merely awakening consumers one is flooding the consumer and civil courts with no respite for years. The much awaited Consumer Protection Amendment draft Bill 2018 which is languishing in the parliament provides some ready answers as a carefully thought out regulation. But obviously it would need a push by asserting consumers who express their disappointment with the delay and press hard for its immediate passage once the new government is formed.

Consumer Voice has petitioned for its early passage and consumers can participate in urging the government for attention. Through the given link one can add to the growing number of consumers who can be catalyst for this major development. Urging all to sign the petition, so that consumers can’t be overlooked or defrauded in the market place. Add your muscle to the movement.

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