Delhi consumer court fines government department for deficiency in service

The consumer forum, New Delhi district, headed by President Arun Kumar Arya, has held the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) guilty of ‘deficiency in service’ for not providing garbage bins in a government residential colony. The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on the CPWD, a central government authority in charge of public sector works, while directing it to immediately provide three dustbins to the complainant.

“Bare perusal of the complaint addressed to opposite party (OP) (CPWD) makes it clear that there is no garbage bin in the colony of the complainant. Non-providing of the garbage bin by OP amounts to deficiency in service. We therefore hold OP guilty of deficiency in service and direct them as under. Immediately provide three garbage bins to the complainant. Pay to the complainant a sum of Rs 5,000 on account of pain and mental agony suffered by him, which will also include cost of litigation,” the forum said.

The order came on a complaint lodged by Arjun Singh, who lives in a government accommodation in Nehru Nagar, New Delhi, alleging that no garbage bin was provided in his colony since possession of the houses was given in 2013. He said that he had lodged a complaint in the form of a letter to the director of CPWD on 30 January 2013, for providing proper garbage bins. However, when his complaint was not acted upon, he approached the district consumer forum.

The complaint alleged that he and other allottees of the flats in the society were being forced to pay Rs 300 per month for garbage disposal, which was otherwise the duty of the CPWD, due to which he suffered financial loss and mental agony. The forum, while deciding the complaint, noted that the CPWD had not taken any defence and did not file any written reply rebutting the allegations.

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