Workshop in Madhya Pradesh on Food Labeling

In collaboration with Consumer VOICE, New Delhi, a sensitization workshop on food labeling was organized on 1st October, 2022 by NCHSE, Bhopal at Arera hills Participants included women from all walks of life including house wives, professionals and students joined the workshop.

They were briefed on the harmful critical nutrients of salt, sugar and fats in packaged foods and how non-communicable diseases are a result of high intake of some of these nutrients.

Food Label

It is therefore important to read food labels carefully to help make the right choice. They were sensitized on how to read food labels correctly and how one should be careful while buying packaged foods. The food labels help one to identify foods which are high in calories, salt, sugar and fats. Dr Pradip Nandi of NCHSE also discussed the need for Front of Pack Warning Labels.

The need for Front of Pack Warning Labels and possible types were also discussed through a presentation by Dr. Pradip Nandi.

Experts told the audience how food labels are helpful to monitor salt and sugar intakes and to make healthier choices through eating a healthy diet. Consumers can also monitor calories, saturated fats and intake of micronutrients which are helpful in avoiding deficiencies like iron and Vitamin D.

More than 50 women participated in the program which highlighted the importance of food labels. A short practical session was also conducted to help the participants read and understand food labels.

AFF Food Label

The workshop was followed with a question-answer session in which various queries were addressed by experts.

We witnessed active participation and enthusiasm among all participants in the workshop.

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