Types of Surface Cleaners

Types of surface cleaners

Many people are curious about the types of surface cleaners available in the market and why they should use them. If you are one such person and you also want to know the importance and usefulness of surface cleaners then do read on.


Only a few years back, surface cleaners were considered something of a luxury by most people in India and they depended on water, detergents, soap water or phenyl to clean surfaces. Only the people belonging to developed nations used it daily. But now, with the changing of times, Indian perceptions have changed, and more and more households are making use of surface cleaners. The market has a good growth rate, and this has encouraged international surface cleaner brands to seek customers in India.


Indians are realizing the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and most people want to buy surface cleaners to get shiny surfaces and eliminate dust, dirt, and bacteria. According to a report, the surface cleaners’ market in India has been growing at 17 percent CAGR since last five years. It is expected the growth will be in double digits in the next few years.


Though there are many types of surface cleaners in India, the key types of surface cleaners are floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, and specialized cleaners. What are they and why they are important? Know right here.

  • Floor Cleaners

As the name suggests, these cleaners are used to clean the floors. They are usually easily accepted and regularly used by Indian consumers because they keep every floor clean and shiny. These types of surface cleaners are dominating the Indian surface cleaning market right now.

  • Multipurpose Cleaners

The name of these types of surface cleaners is also clear enough. These cleaners are good because they can be used for various purposes. They can clean everything from the kitchen shelves to the mirror and from the antique pieces to furniture.

  • Specialized Cleaners

These cleaners are usually divided into sub-segments like glass cleaners, furniture cleaners, appliances cleaners, etc. The key aim of these types of surface cleaners is to keep a specific surface clean, shiny and bacteria-free.


Key companies that offer various types of surface cleaners in India are Dabur India, Fena, Hindustan Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothy Laboratories, SC Johnson, Future Consumer Enterprise, and Venky’s. Some of the most popular products are Lizol, Colin, Dettol, Domex, Cif, Mr. Muscle, Dazzl and Easy Off Bang.


The surface cleaners in India are usually sold in urban markets, malls, and hypermarkets. Local stores usually don’t store them on shelves due to high pricing and low probability of selling. Though most types of surface cleaners in India are available online, the online sales of grocery items are quite low in India. The adoption of different types of surface cleaners in Indian villages and towns is expected to increase but not too rapidly.


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